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FGS - makosi etc.. on Lorraine!!!

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bubblerock Thu 18-May-06 09:07:36

Argh.... get them off - crying over their lives being ruined due to being on BB???? Try having a real tragedy in your lives you shallow bitches!!!

Esmummy Thu 18-May-06 09:08:24

Do not have one ounce of sympathy for Makosi

cod Thu 18-May-06 09:15:57

Message withdrawn

bubblerock Thu 18-May-06 09:30:08

Makosi was too busy crying to say much other than she gets recognised everywhere because she can't wear a hat over her big hair?!?! - Try a paper bag love!!
Lisa - the one who was accused of being a bloke has since spent thousands on cosmetic surgery - but it still ruined her life!!

Lorraine was being all sympathetic - bet she didn't want to be, serves them right, it's not like their whole bloody village and family were wiped out in a tsunami or bomb!!! They need a good slap round the chops IMO!!

compo Thu 18-May-06 19:51:26

Can't understand why Makosi doesn't go back to her family if it's so terrible for her living here. And that Lisa was promoting her book - who on earth is going to buy that!!

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