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Did anyone watch Real story tonight??

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SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 22:50:20

I was in tears

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 22:59:19

It was about a couple who lost their three children to forced adoption see here SS said that they had abused their son and they removed the children from their care, after 1 year the children were taken for adoption. There is a strong family link to the disease OI (brittle bones) She is also pregnant again, but she faces the possiblity of the baby being taken away too. I was so touch by this, I was sobbing...

tortoiseshell Mon 15-May-06 22:59:54

me too

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:01:12

It's so sad, even if she proves her innocence, she will not get her children back..

Ledodgyherring Mon 15-May-06 23:01:32

Oh God no I didn't watch it am glad I didn't, City Hospital had me in tears this morning so I would have been a wreck watching this. Where they the same couple that were on This Morning today? I didn't see this either but saw the trailer.

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:02:39

is there no way she can get them back?
I saw her on This Morning and it has haunted me all day. It could happen to anyone.

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:03:36

BTW my DD2 had one of those fractures when she was 2, she went down a slide funny.. she doesn't have OI, but made me realised that I could have been accused of abuse.

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:04:15

No, it said that she will not get her children back.. I am still very upset by this...

amber5 Mon 15-May-06 23:07:19

very moved by this too, adn i'm a social worker..
Saw them on this morning and thought they were very un-emotional, but saw a little of this evenings programme nad was more convinced by them as a whole family. did anyone catch whether the three children were still togther??? i got the impression they probably wern't

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:09:21

What got me was when the voice over said 'in 2004 the children were put up for adoption' it was then that i realised it was so final..

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:10:18

how can the social workers claim ot be working in the children's best interests? They are wicked bastards (not all sws of course)

amber5 Mon 15-May-06 23:11:37

(thanx bunny)

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:11:48

Someone I know, her son died of cot death, 6 hours later SS turned up and removed her other children, she didn;t get them back.. the kids went to live with their father.

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:16:35

whoops Bunny, I think you have put your foot in it there..

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:18:44

FWIW amber5, I don;t think that all SW are bastards (my lil sis is a family support worker at SS) but I do think that they get it wrong sometimes.

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:19:26

amber i did say not all sws. But some do abuse their power. What they did here was evil.

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:20:38

What I don;t understand is WHY she wasn;t offered a DNA test, they would have prove their innocence or guilt.

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:22:36

apparently a dna test wasnt regarded as appropriate or useful as she had no clinical/physical signs of brittle bone disease and therefore didnt have it.

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:23:27

they didnt take into account the fact that her mother/siblings have brittle bone. I cant understand why.

chipkid Mon 15-May-06 23:24:38

I think everyone has to realise that social workers sometimes have a very difficult judgment call to make-take action and get it wrong-don't take action and have a death on your hands followed by a public enquiry (Victoria Climbie)and calls for your head on a platter for being so negligent!
sometimes the whole story isn't known straight away-and social workers have to act to protect the vulnerable.

amber5 Mon 15-May-06 23:24:51

it was meant nicely honest!!!

things written can so easily be misinterpreted can't they - no offence taken or intended.

SparklyGothKat Mon 15-May-06 23:25:17

Did I hear right that Real story will be following their story??

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:25:59

good. I didnt mean to offend

amber5 Mon 15-May-06 23:26:42

why didn't they test childB? also i know it's too late - but has anyone asked whether he is continuing to have injuries consistent with OI?

bunny3 Mon 15-May-06 23:27:03

I hope Real Story follow the story. I hope there is a happy ending at least with the new baby.

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