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Anyone watching the Moors Murders drama tonight?

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crazydazy Sun 14-May-06 17:42:52

DP and I quite fancy watching it but hope it doesn't go into too much detail.

Turquoise Sun 14-May-06 17:45:47

Maybe I'm being po-faced, but I really can't understand why this has been made into 'drama/entertainment'. The facts are so well known, and nothing new can come out of it, it's salacious iMO.

Blandmum Sun 14-May-06 17:46:57

Not me, rather tasteless, families of victims etc etc

It leaves out the more ghastly aspects I understand.

GDG Sun 14-May-06 17:49:21

I know someone who has seen it (works for ITV) and says it's teh most disturbing thing she has ever seen.

I kind of want to watch it but at the same time, I do dwell on things and I think it would 'haunt' me for a good while

tillykins Sun 14-May-06 18:01:55

sort of want to watch it but worried that its a bit car crash tv

Actually, I'm surprised it hasn't been done sooner

nutcracker Sun 14-May-06 18:04:59

I can't decide either.

CountessDracula Sun 14-May-06 18:06:24

Yes I am going to watch it

They have done this with the consent/participation of the families so I don't think you need to worry. It is from the POV of The Smiths too, so a new angle

Blandmum Sun 14-May-06 18:07:22

Didn't realise they had the families 'on side'. Still think that I'll give it a miss.

TheDullWitch Sun 14-May-06 18:09:11

Why on earth sit down for a Sunday evening and watch people plotting to torture children to death? What kind of entertainment is that? Why spend millions recreating facts we already know, about the most horrible suffering, just to attract ratings.

GDG Sun 14-May-06 18:13:25

Hmm, I know what you mean but it's just human interest isn't it? How many programmes have there been about 9/11 - that one that actually had recordings of telephone calls from people on the planes - it doesn't really achieve anything or help anyone does it?

I don't really know what the angle is of this programme though tbh - will it follow how they were 'caught' or is it about how the lives of the families were changed?

I don't kow, I'm a 'fence sitter oner' because I can see why it's of interest but can also see that it's a bit pointless and upsetting.

SaintGeorge Sun 14-May-06 18:20:22

It has been done now because it is the 40th anniversary of the end of the trial.

It certainly has the backing of the families.

puff Sun 14-May-06 18:23:13

No, not interested.

Very fed up at the dearth of good quality original drama on tv.

JoolsToo Sun 14-May-06 18:30:41

I'll be watching, I was a youngster in Manchester at the time so it holds a certain interest to me. Also read Emlyn Williams 'Beyond Belief' eons ago.

popsycal Sun 14-May-06 20:17:33

what tine

shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 20:43:37

there have been too many awful stories in the news concerning babies/children in the last twelve months. I would probably break down in tears if i sat and watched this.

blueteddy Sun 14-May-06 21:56:00

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Sun 14-May-06 22:01:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2shoes Sun 14-May-06 22:09:35

yuck and double yuck...thats a no

WestCountryLass Sun 14-May-06 23:20:46

I have watched it and it was certainly disturbing Did not realise that was how they caught them, no mention of that bloke to my recollection.

CountessDracula Sun 14-May-06 23:25:31

Then you have never read anything about it!

Where do you think the name of The Smiths came from??

I thought it was ok, slightly odd as a friend of mine was in it which I wasn't expecting. It certainly wasn't sensationalist

rickman Sun 14-May-06 23:41:34

Message withdrawn

alexsmum Sun 14-May-06 23:43:05

i felt it was too sympathetic to myra was only at the end that she emerged as the evil bitch she was.

CountessDracula Sun 14-May-06 23:43:39

Edward Evans

Sorry I do know a lto about this as have read the books about it

Heathcliffscathy Sun 14-May-06 23:44:16


rickman Sun 14-May-06 23:47:50

Message withdrawn

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