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sparkler1 Sun 14-May-06 17:18:07

Starts Thursday 18 May

Don't forget to buy your KitKats ladies and gents! Even if you don't win a ticket you'll have lots of choccie to munch for the 13 weeks that it's on!



velcrobott Sun 14-May-06 17:20:45

Big brother 7 thread NUMBER 1 you mean...

GDG Sun 14-May-06 17:21:09

No way am I getting drawn into BB!

champs Sun 14-May-06 17:25:23

whahayyy!!! cant wait

sparkler1 Sun 14-May-06 17:29:35

mmmmm GDG - we shall see!

SecondhandRose Sun 14-May-06 17:43:36

In news today, Sophie and Lee who have a child called Max are just getting divorced. That didn't take long.

sparkler1 Sun 14-May-06 17:43:46

I'm looking forward to the opening night. I remember watching it last year. Sat on the sofa in complete shock at the contestants that were going in the house. I was gobsmacked when Marco arrived. Quite liked him in someways though. . The way he kept clapping his hands together. ROFLMAO.

chjlly Sun 14-May-06 17:45:58

Sparkler I'm worried that I'm going to get into this too much now! I can see sky+ being set & BB taking over the memory

laughinglil Sun 14-May-06 18:17:38

the big brother with marco and emma and victor and nadia that won was the worst big brother EVER! I hated all the conflict and the contestants were so bad! I loved last years as they seemed to be 'normal people' ! hope the bb boses get it right this year!
I think that every first show is always a shocker and i sit there and think I cannot watch these people for the next 3 months but within a week I am completly hooked!

mygirllolipop Sun 14-May-06 18:28:22

Message withdrawn

sparkler1 Sun 14-May-06 20:48:47

There was a load of BB stuff on Channel 4 last night - I have that all recorded on Sky planner - god knows when I'll get time to watch it.

wendy33 Sun 14-May-06 21:41:11

I am on a crave for kit-kats at the minute1 No good if I get one though Im due in 6 weeks! If I get one I will pass it on to a lucky person on MN!!!

Dior Sun 14-May-06 21:43:31

Message withdrawn

sparkler1 Sun 14-May-06 22:04:04

Gonna start a thread about who wants to go on Big Brother if I win a ticket. Love watching it but there's no way that I'd go on. I'd be boring anyway.

mygirllolipop Mon 15-May-06 08:39:28

Message withdrawn

kipper22 Mon 15-May-06 09:56:48

wendy33 - that could be an interesting BB moment - you're DC could be famous from birth (shuddering on your behalf at the idea!) I really shouldn't allow myself to be sucked in but I know I will!

blueamema Mon 15-May-06 14:23:43

LOL... every year I say i'm not going to get into it and end up loving it, shouting at the telly every eviction night!! We even had a big bro final night party one year where we all dressed up as different contestants!!! (we were young and had nothing better to do)

My best friend who is a graphic designer actually designed Sophie and Lee's wedding invites and met them a couple of times!! I shall have to let him know that they are no longer.

I still think the first one was the best with craig and nasty nick, but the house divide one was funny to watch.

I'll remember to put kit kats on my shopping list for thursday...

jayjaybaby Mon 15-May-06 14:28:38

oh my god do not get me started im so excited but the final week is when im due to give birth if i miss the final i will cry as i always end up riducously addicted at least i'll save money as i wont be going any where

compo Mon 15-May-06 14:28:50

woo hoo! Really excited about Thursday night already. The time always seems to go so fast and I am always annoyed if I have to go out on eviction night!!

mosschops30 Mon 15-May-06 14:29:09

Message withdrawn

zephyrcat Mon 15-May-06 14:32:04

I can't wait!!! The thing that gets me about BB though is that it is soooo addictive and I end up watching it constantly/talking about it for weeks and weeks...but forget it so quickly!! I can't for the life of remember who was in it last year yet my life revolved around them for months!!!

Jbck Mon 15-May-06 19:18:20

My friend & I are so sad we have an opening night do & a Final night do. We're a bit miffed it's a Thursday this year as it means no staying up late to watch the first night in the house as it's a work day the next day. Can't wait till thursday! (wetting pants with excitement emoticon required)

compo Mon 15-May-06 19:20:26

Oh yes, the one with Brian in it was the funniest. I also really liked Narinder in thehouse - she was very funny but didn't do so well outside of it. Couldn't understand why everyone loved Jade in the Kate Lawler one though - thought Kate, Johnny and Alison were quite funny.

blueamema Mon 15-May-06 20:39:04

Totally unrelated ... but can any one tell me how to start a new thread?? am new to this and am full of telly addicts gossip!

P.S mosschops... cant believe you didn't like the divide one ... how much fun can you get form watching one group of people with no food/toilet/booze etc and the others with everything! slagging each other off through a fence!!! LOL
(excuse the language!!)

kipper22 Mon 15-May-06 20:57:28

blueamema - Just above my message it should say 'Click here to start a new conversation in the Telly addicts section. ' You just click there! sure there must be an easier way to do it but I haven't found it! 3 days 5 minutes and counting!

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