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Not Going out

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CoolCadbury Fri 12-Apr-13 22:03:08

Used to love it. But without Tim Vine, it's poor. Very poor. Even Lee Mack, whom I think is funny, can't carry the programme on his own. The best bits were always their dynamic together.

OddBoots Fri 12-Apr-13 22:07:34

I totally agree, we got half way through the first one and it was just too much farce and not enough lightness, we have all the others on DVD as we loved it. Such a shame.

Waswondering Fri 12-Apr-13 22:10:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pancakeflipper Fri 12-Apr-13 22:11:52

I miss Tim.

hedgefund Fri 12-Apr-13 22:12:26

lee mack just does too many eric morecambe isms (sp!) he's starting to really irk me for some reason

Pancakeflipper Fri 12-Apr-13 22:18:27

He's getting too old to playing the comical lazy oaf of a flatmate. Now looking like an old perv sat on the sofa rubbing his knees.

CoolCadbury Fri 12-Apr-13 22:23:40

That first episode with the rabbits. Ugh. And I can't stand the simple g/f character as she is in it more. It just doesn't work.

Pancakeflipper grin

OddBoots Fri 12-Apr-13 22:37:41

I love the actress who plays the girlfriend, she is great in her sketch show Anna and Katy, not so much in Not Going Out though.

timidviper Sun 14-Apr-13 22:23:59

I have always loved this show but have been really let down by the first couple of this new series, just seemed really silly and clunky instead of the easy wittiness of earlier ones

BikeRunSki Sun 14-Apr-13 22:26:33

The new series isn't working at all for me.

Allthingspretty Mon 15-Apr-13 07:41:01

Its just dire at the moment

Bossybritches22 Mon 15-Apr-13 07:42:39

A typical example of a good series initially that has been flogged to death.

PseudoBadger Mon 15-Apr-13 07:47:39

Oh god the ski lift one was terrible! It even had a cliche birth.

Allthingspretty Mon 15-Apr-13 07:57:34

And i am sure in the ski episode u could see the actual pregnant suit that tge actess was wearingf

Allthingspretty Mon 15-Apr-13 07:58:14

Katy wix in underused

bedmonster Tue 16-Apr-13 23:38:14

But where is Tim? Is he be in it at all?

Pancakeflipper Wed 17-Apr-13 18:05:07

No he left. Decided to not do this series.

Sobs. Not even bothered watching the 2nd episode after reading your reviews.

TigerseyeMum Wed 17-Apr-13 18:23:10

I thought I was the only one not liking the new series. It seemed really laboured(inset pun here) and very try hard. No one seemed very into it either. Shame, I really enjoyed the last few series.

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