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DAVID TENNANT appreciation society - don't bother Expat!

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DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:23:03

I have just taken delivery of the Casanova DVD. Can't wait to watch it but I think it has to be a time when I am on my own!

expatinscotland Fri 12-May-06 16:23:48

You're kidding yourself, DG. He's a bucket of boak.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:24:41

What are you doing here Expat??

You really just can't keep away can you?

Go on, succumb to him, you know you want to!

expatinscotland Fri 12-May-06 16:28:57

Check out sharklet's thread of a tall, dark and handsome real man. Now that's what it's all about. Now that Tennant woman. Bet he'd be too worried about ruining his manicure to go climbing w/a hardcore trad like me!

DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:32:03

I have seen the man in question and agree he looks very personable and, like you, I am a climbing, walking, outdoorsy type so I appreciate some physical toughness in my men, but DT has it all IMO. Sharklet's man looks too young for me. Hmm, I wonder how old DT is?

expatinscotland Fri 12-May-06 16:34:23

Too young?! He's got that lovely grey round hte temples! Bet he'd be up for swapping leads w/me. David couldn't get his noodle ass up a steep staircase, much less a real route.

DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:35:03

Hmmm DT is 35 - younges than me, but perfectly acceptable!

expatinscotland Fri 12-May-06 16:35:37

I've seen little boys in training pants who are more a man than he'll ever be .

DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:35:46

Expat, he is Scottish. I am sure he has been up a few routes in his time!

DumbledoresGirl Fri 12-May-06 16:36:17

If not, he is welcome to try out mine.

expatinscotland Fri 12-May-06 16:36:44

Yeah, maybe before his alarm clock when off and his dream about having a sex change to become a man and doing a real route was up.

Bomper Fri 12-May-06 17:45:03

Leave him alone, leave him alone,leave him alone!!!!!!! He's gorgeous, and I love him and I want to have his babies!!!! And if he is as much a dirty buggar as he looks - all the better!

gigglinggoblin Fri 12-May-06 17:48:21

i got the casanova dvd 2 days ago and have watched it twice since!!!!! <<swoon>>

Pruni Fri 12-May-06 17:53:38

Message withdrawn

DumbledoresGirl Sat 13-May-06 20:56:50

Hmmm not so much of DT is today's Dr Who. Still, I like the end: "You will be deleted". I imagined that might be Expat's fate if she refused to acknowledge the sexiness of DT!

PeachyClair Sat 13-May-06 21:05:46

I have seen him semi naked

in RL

and spoken to him

ner ner de ner ner

expatinscotland Sat 13-May-06 21:08:45

and you didn't turn to stone, peachy?

NotAnOtter Sat 13-May-06 21:09:40

even my kids say he loves himself ..i could not comment - my mouth was full of vomit

PeachyClair Sat 13-May-06 21:10:39

Turned to jelly


But I like skinny men

expatinscotland Sat 13-May-06 21:12:07

I like 'em, too, Peachy.

But not lizards. I'm not into those.

So that sort of counts David out

Next Sat 13-May-06 21:41:28

He really has caused a stir on MN! Theres loads of threads about him! I just don't geddit.

DumbledoresGirl Sat 13-May-06 22:09:12

Did you see him in Casanova Next? That was when it hit me. Perhaps it was because he was playng a confident sexy man, but now I see it in all his roles.

NotAnOtter Sat 13-May-06 22:10:15

does he make you feel slightly queasy Next?

joash Sat 13-May-06 22:29:23

I think he's weedy, downright ugly, skinny and don't fancy him at all - couldn't stand him...but been watching him in Dr Who and there's definately something there ... starting to tickle my ovaries I can tell you

wessexgirl Sun 14-May-06 09:52:35

He is lush. Did any of you watch Blackpool? That's when my radar was alerted. David Morrissey was mighty fine in that as well.

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