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anyone seen up to episode 21 of PRISON BREAK?

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faeriemum Wed 10-May-06 17:40:32

OMFG how bloody scary!

webwoman05 Fri 12-May-06 14:44:12

Absolutely brilliant episode! DH and I were on the edge of our seats especially at the end....Michael is rather gorgeous too! Cannot wait for next week. There can't be too many episodes left now. Are they planning another series do you think? Or perhaps they'll just quit while they are ahead. Got to be one of my favourite shows on tv currently. Although a great fan of Lost too - the tension in Prison Break is just amazing. I obviously don't get out too much!

faeriemum Fri 12-May-06 16:56:42

lol, well i cant get out enough either, because i completely agree with you....i was actually nervous for them!
micheal is soooooooo yummy!

next week is the last episode! noooooo noooooo noooooooooo..
although i cant see it surviving another it is called prison break....

spoiler below for non episode 21 viewers.....
.....unless they get knocked back into prison again....but no way they'd get back into fox river altogether.......nah, deffo cant be another series.

SparklyGothKat Fri 12-May-06 16:57:58

what happened???

faeriemum Fri 12-May-06 17:02:36

they escaped!!

SparklyGothKat Fri 12-May-06 17:03:03

really. bugger, is it repeated...

faeriemum Fri 12-May-06 17:03:27

should be on monday

SparklyGothKat Fri 12-May-06 17:04:45

yah!! I will watch it then..

webwoman05 Fri 12-May-06 22:14:59

faeriemum - I can't believe that next week will be the last Prison Break! My week just won't be the same without my Michael/Wentworth fix! Series 2 of Lost is due to finish soon in the States too. I'm going to have to get a life in the evening - but at least Big Brother starts up again next week

Any other shows that we can get hooked on!?

faeriemum Sat 13-May-06 08:18:30

yeah i've been dreading this happening.lost and prison break finishing!
big brother just wont make up for it though! (wont stop me watching it however!)

theres actually a new series starting that has been aired in the states which has had really good feedback...its called Criminal Minds...have a read up about it...looks good...
you can either d/l it or it starts from the begining on LivingTV next week sometime..

i've also been hooked to 'Bones'...(only to get my david boreanaz fix after his absence in Angel)

nothing will be the same as wentworth...but hey lets hope he goes on to do more great sexy roles! *please please please*

WWWontSlagOffAnyone Sat 13-May-06 08:36:32

Yes, I have, last night, fantastic isn't it?

Loobie Tue 16-May-06 22:06:03

Right ok just watched episode 22 please someone tell me that wasnt the last one?? Im sat here screaming at the pc ,going completely nuts at it ,please please tell me theres more to come????

faeriemum Wed 17-May-06 08:48:18

loobie - we better not spoil it for the others who havent seen it all yet.....but yes i watched 22 last night and was left feeling so deflated and worried for them!
it was the last in the season...they are back on the 8th of August for Season 2! so dont dispare, there will be answers!
but how crappy to leave it like that! ......haywire was so bloody funny, nearly wet myself when he said 'sorry'....
and how about t-bag ....big smiles from me!

webwoman05 Wed 17-May-06 13:13:04

fairiemum: was wondering if you had watched the last episode. We watched it last night too. A friend of ours had just watched it and called us to discuss it before we had seen it! My dh was shouting to him don't say anything! We had to get kids to bed before we settled down to our viewing! And it didn't disappoint - Haywire was so funny - especially wearing that helmet! That cracked me up too! Oh my god T-bag! Again don't want to spoil things for others but what about Sara?

So waiting for August now - they start filming in June apparently. Loads of conspiracy theories on the net about the last episode and what is going to happen in the future.

Think I might have to check out some of those other shows that you mentioned to fill the gap left by Prison Break!

faeriemum Wed 17-May-06 14:36:23

oh gosh yes i forgot to mention sara....there's alot of theories about this one....(its so hard not to give away spoilers!!) ...i think we should start a spoiler thread so we can discuss it openly...
....i have an idea in my mind about what may happen in the future...but im sure the makers of prison break will do something completely mad and different.....i certainly wasnt expecting it to end like that....maybe micheal know his way around sewer pipes

webwoman05 Thu 18-May-06 13:23:56

Oh yes let's start a spoiler thread...

It's so annoying not being able to talk about it - obviously don't want to ruin things for others.

Won't be able to watch Lost until Sat night as we are out tonight and dh out tom also. Can't believe that we are out on the first night of BB but booked tickets for a gig ages ago which should be good but I also rather enjoy the first night of BB as often it can be the best viewing by far! Will try and watch it when we get back tonight if not too late - god what a saddo I am! Typical we start to have a social life when there is loads of good tv to watch!

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