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The Village anyone?

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PenelopePisstop Sun 31-Mar-13 21:01:27

Just starting, I'm looking forward to this.

MarthasHarbour Tue 07-May-13 12:51:06

thanks for that smokin sad i remember it being really grim

also thanks for the clarification re the memorial. i am going to watch it back tonight but i remember him saying that it was too dangerous for unskilled men to do but he said that it was their memorial so they should do it sad

gazzalw Mon 06-May-13 20:55:05

TBQH I thought it was a lot less gloomy (the Spanish influenza outbreak aside sad) than the other episodes and there seemed to be a wind of change afoot in the Village.

It has left me looking forward to the next series - it can't come soon enough for me!

thenightsky Mon 06-May-13 19:06:24

Both my great aunts were life long spinsters after losing their fiances in that War.

AllOverIt Mon 06-May-13 18:40:25

It's the reason they stopped pals battalions. They realised that if an offensive went badly, and you kept all local men together, you could wipe out all the men from one village. the 1 in 5 statistic was across the whole country across the whole war. There were villages who were decimated by the war, depending on the number enlisting at the start of the war when they had pals battalions.

Moln Mon 06-May-13 17:10:29

my grandfather was a 'conchie' (he was a quaker) I don't recall him saying anything about after tge war, I know that his house got taken from him and he was sent to work the land, during which they lived in a tent for a good bit, during the war.

Moln Mon 06-May-13 17:07:37

the big at the beginning was definitely about taking the memorial down

smokinaces Mon 06-May-13 16:48:44

Joe told Martha that Paul had shrapnel to the throat and it opened up and he choked on his own blood in a horrible way from memory.

I too got confused as the film at the beginning was 70/80s and did say about removal.

caroldecker Mon 06-May-13 16:33:10

Think he was remembering restoring the memorial, not removing it

tiredemma Mon 06-May-13 15:52:19

I sobbed at the end last night.

great programme- looking forward to next series.

MarthasHarbour Mon 06-May-13 15:42:54

How did Paul die? Martha told the women in the bath house but we didnt get what it was. I think Joe told her outside the church hall that night when he was yelling at her but i cannot remember what he said. Something about running through barbed wire(?) confused

I wept at the end again! At first i thought 'that little plaque to Joe would never have happened' however.. i think i have seen such plaques before so maybe it was true to form.

Also what was that bit in the beginning? Was old Bert referring to a time when they took the memorial down? It had a colour film in the background (looked 70s/80s) Why on earth would they have taken down a war memorial?

I went to the local post office the other day and there is a plaque on the wall commemorating all the men who worked in the post office who died during WW1. There were about 8 names - i thought that to be a lot for a small town post office sad

caroldecker Mon 06-May-13 14:16:27

I think people said he was ill, but the view was, if he could go out and rescue Bert, he was not ill but malingering. Still a bit heavy handed with 80% death rate in the war, compared to an average 20%

Clawdy Mon 06-May-13 14:14:13

Yes,Eyam is the famous "Plague" village. Thought last night's was incredibly sad and moving. The only wrong note for me was the conchie school teacher returning - he would have known the villagers would never forgive or forget. Wonderful series though.

diddl Mon 06-May-13 07:33:46

I think it was Eyam-although that was for the plague, wasn't it?

diddl Mon 06-May-13 07:32:19

Yes the plaque.

It was a bit ridiculous/contrived though-no one (not even the MPhmm) thought to tell anyone he was ill, & then he was suddenly better as the MPs arrived!!

But I think it did illustrate quite well the various things that happened.

Also, there was a village that quarantined itself, wasn't there?

Was the assumption that Mr Eyre brought the Spanish flu to the village?

nellyjelly Mon 06-May-13 07:09:04

Has been recommisioned so will be back next year.

Still18atheart Sun 05-May-13 23:18:17

The mystery of the cows wasn't solved sad

I thought the Middleton's already knew about Joe being a father

Although i hasn't exactly been easy going. i have really enjoyed this series.

Moln Sun 05-May-13 22:38:22

I'm not usually a cryer, but that got me. not just the plaque for Joe, but the whole saddness and pointless loss, and bitterness felt

Bessie123 Sun 05-May-13 22:27:25

Horrid teacher is back, still being horrid

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Sun 05-May-13 22:25:29

I missed it again - I assume Joe deffo dead. And did we find out what happened to horrid teacher?

GypsyFloss Sun 05-May-13 22:19:04

Oh what an ending. I have loved this series, it's been incredibly hard viewing at times but I'm so glad I stuck at it.

smokinaces Sun 05-May-13 22:18:27

Ah i sobbed at the end. That little plaque.

Bessie123 Sun 05-May-13 22:15:15

I thought that was a good episode although I felt very sorry for the mother who lost a son in the war then a daughter to the flu. What a shame that was the last in the series - 6 episodes is not enough to fit anything cheery in.

GeorginaWorsley Sun 05-May-13 22:00:29

Am crying!
I know it has been grim but I have actually liked it.

GlaikitFizzog Sun 05-May-13 21:53:32

It's not cheered up any yet!

PenelopePortrait Sun 05-May-13 21:13:35

Because the writer liked the actor him and kept him in. True.

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