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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Charge the paddles!

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 16-Mar-13 20:28:59

(This is a thread for all fans of the weekday soap Doctors, BBC1, 1.45pm)

Now, we're in a bit of a dull spell. We need it bringing back to life. Charge the paddles, call 'clear' and mentally zap this soap back to life.

Hang in there people. It will get better I may be lying grin

mrsdevalle Mon 08-Apr-13 13:54:39

Dr Who's assistant was Jasmine in Emmerdale, had a lesbian affair with Debbie, had a fling with Cain and then she went to prison for murdering some bloke with Debbie.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 22:35:20

New thread is this way people - no fighting at the back

MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 22:12:16

Great minds Ood

I don't think this thread will see us through Monday so I will see what I can do and link when done.

Now, where is my netbook...?

Oodsigma Sun 07-Apr-13 21:30:03

Nearly at new thread time MsN are you ready?

Sparklingbrook Sun 07-Apr-13 21:28:48

Hi all. Can't comment on Dr Who I have never watched it.

I don't know how much Doctors I will get to see this week. DH has the week off and would like to do stuff. As a family. shock

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 21:10:37

Sorry Who, was my fault for hi-jacking one Doctors thread to discuss another Doctor grin

Thanks Raaah/MsN.

Can't comment on Dr Who, never watch it.

toldmywrath Sun 07-Apr-13 20:54:05

Yeah too much singing on Doctor Who & I've seen the new assistant (Oswin/Jenna Louise Coleman) without her kit on (on another telly show, can't remember what though) grin

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 12:23:23

Anne I agree about the singing. The funniest bit for me was that the moped seller was called Doreen. Which is my mum's name. evil grin

I am watching it again, with dd1 (we always watch it first, in case it's scary). I don't think she's impressed, eithergrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 07-Apr-13 12:10:30

I thought the Daniel cramp / Mrs T helping him was brilliant. They do humour / slapstick very well in Doctors.

Have to agree that Dr Who was pants last night. I am getting increasingly frustrated at the now seemingly endless powers of the sonic screwdriver. Plus the singing was worse than early auditions of X-Factor without the relief of Simon Cowell putting his hand up to put us out of our misery.

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 11:49:15


MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 11:31:34

^ what Raahh said, much more succinct than me envy

MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 11:30:03

who Howard noticed someone had been nicking toilet rolls so he set up a hidden camera in the store cupboard without telling anyone. He recorded it on dvd. Zaniel had a fumble in the cupboard. Tbfe watched the dvd only to the point of seeing Al was the thief (I think Al sad he used them to mop sick up?)

Mrs T had a dvd about setting up a Foodbank. She passed it to Howard. Daniel was trying to get the fumble dvd and got the wrong one.

Although he got it back eventually with no-one seeing it (the fumble).

Now my finger hurts from typing...

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 11:24:35

The dvd from the stockroom was from the hidden camera that TBFE planted to catch the bogroll thief.

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 11:23:24

Who- one of the dvds was of a food bank project that Mrs T and the Rev were going to watch. The other was from the stockroom- presumably showing Zaniel getting jiggy. Daniel picked up the wrong one and had to swap them round- so the Rev's congregation were spared seeing Zanielgrin

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 11:20:42

It was weak- but I quite like the new assistant, although she did a lot of hair-swishing this week, which bugged megrinAll the aliens were impressive, though. I'm looking forward to what they do for the 50th anniversary.

Thanks MsN. I have done jury service before and it was very interesting, but I seem to be the only person I have ever spoken to who has had a positive experience, everyone seems to have either had a grim one or sat around for two weeks bored just getting on the odd very short case. On that basis I'm not looking forward to it.

Toilet roll thief?!

What was happening with the DVDs and Daniel on Weds?

Oodsigma Sun 07-Apr-13 11:08:37

The second episode is always a weak one. sad

I recognised the woman but couldn't place her.

Raahh Sun 07-Apr-13 10:50:36

Ood mini hi-jack- Doctor Who- I was very disappointed in this week. It was a bit dull, and the singing got on my nerves. But the mother had been in Doctors!
(don't go on DW threads, as I can't keep up with the theoriesgrin)

Oodsigma Sun 07-Apr-13 10:29:47


MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 10:15:55

It was Ood but I get so frustrated typing on my tablet and I am far too lazy to move to get my netbook grin.

Oodsigma Sun 07-Apr-13 10:12:26

msn surely the toilet roll thief was a major plot line wink

MsNobodyAgain Sun 07-Apr-13 09:57:29

Morning who. I won't bother with the sub-plots but ongoing stuff with the Doctors this week was:
- open verdict recorded on Sams death
- TBFE is eager to get with 6tl but she is putting him off
- He tried to get Chris to apply for a job outside the Mill. Chris refused.
- Zaniel have been shagging like mad but now Zara is messing him around a bit
- Mrs T and the Rev are getting on well

I have done jury service myself. Grim. I hope you don't get awful ones.

Been out all afternoon, but DH had an each way on Oscar Time, so that's nice.

Took th DCs to an adventure farm place, I sat in the sun and read the paper on my phone while they bounced on trampolines and bouncy castles all afternoon, bargain.

Now, I don't think I am going to catch up with last week's episodes - anyone care to give me a quick summary? I start jury service on Weds so not much hope for the next couple of weeks either sad

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 06-Apr-13 20:37:35

Oh dear. I should have kept my mouth shut! blush

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