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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Charge the paddles!

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 16-Mar-13 20:28:59

(This is a thread for all fans of the weekday soap Doctors, BBC1, 1.45pm)

Now, we're in a bit of a dull spell. We need it bringing back to life. Charge the paddles, call 'clear' and mentally zap this soap back to life.

Hang in there people. It will get better I may be lying grin

Sparklingbrook Mon 18-Mar-13 13:58:05

Everyone is annoying me. I yearn for the Jubilee episode with Mrs T on the bus. or even Imogen's crapola storylines. Anything really.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 13:59:15

or Jack the serial shagger

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 13:59:57

It's bad when you start missing whiny Immie, isn't it Sparkling, with her luffly hair.

Sparklingbrook Mon 18-Mar-13 14:00:18

Yes MsN. But not Freya-not that bad yet.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 14:01:11

I think I prefer Freya (who?) to the 6tls shock

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:01:16

Freya(who?) - that would be desperate.

I can't get to grips with the 'story of the day' .

A sap - yes indeed you are Howard.

Oodsigma Mon 18-Mar-13 14:02:08

I'm about 10mins behind cos it took me until 1:30 to get a shower today then I needed 10 min to recover

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:03:01

Hannah 'i lost weight and shagged the ugly bloke from The Bill' Waterman has funny ears.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 14:03:42

grin who

Poor Ood. What us women go through is horrid. You're doing better than me, I'm still in my pit!

How are you feeling Ood? - hope you are recovering well.

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:09:36

TBFE is looking more Eddie Munster-ish than ever today.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 14:11:58


Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:12:09

6tl needs a lie down.

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:12:48

ooh- a what happens next clip!

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:13:25

Doctor Who!!

Does she have no other family, friends, her own GP? No, probably not.

Paul Hollywood - yum

WPC 56 anyone?

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 14:15:38

Total aside but TBFE's office clock (red one) is from the colour match range at Argos.

<too much time on hands and cheapskate>

MsNobodyAgain Mon 18-Mar-13 14:16:53

It's set in the 50's who. That will get on my nerves. Bring OFAH back.

Nooo - OFAH hater here

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:18:55

It doesn't go with the green, either MsN

Raahh Mon 18-Mar-13 14:20:17

OFAH will no doubt be back. sad--hopefully not for a longtime--

Surely, we are due a new series of Landgirls or The Indian Doctor?grin

I've put the telly off, reminded me too much of Heartbeat. I really enjoyed The Indian Doctor.

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