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Bedtime Live

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SunshineOutdoors Thu 14-Mar-13 11:58:45

Anyone planning on watching?

LittleAssKicker Sat 16-Mar-13 16:20:50

Yes! I liked Tanya Byron's house of tiny tearaways.
Have you a restless little one too?

NanaNina Sat 23-Mar-13 01:05:59

I watched it because one of my grand children is a poor sleeper but also because I too liked the House of Tiny Tearaways, and as far as I'm concerned, Professor Tanya Byron walks on water!

However I thought the programme was badly produced/directed. The presenters were standing in front of the screen we were trying to watch and then there was the thing about people could phone in - is that what the 3 other "specialists" doing, except the male presenter said if you had a web cam etc you could talk directly to Tanya but that didn't happen. Glad it didn'gt really cus the whole thing was too "busy" - good idea that it was happening in real time, but what's wrong with it being recorded, though of course then it would be edited and so I suppose this was more authentic.

I don't think the programme gave Tanya time to demonstrate her consumate skills in child development and looking at how the parents are parenting, as she did in the House of Tiny Tearaways. I didn't like her black leather leggings (if that's what they were) and the jacket with sleeves rolled up, it somehow gave her a TV type image, rather than one of a Professor who is second to none (in my view) in all aspects of child development.

Will keep watching though. What do others think?

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