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Masterchef Australia - I am not the only addict am I? Please someone else come and talk to me about the hysterical theme tune at least.

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GetOrf Mon 11-Mar-13 13:54:41

I have got the theme tune ringing around my head.

I love it. It is far more exciting than the english version imo. The challenges are a lot better.

It's a bit annoying in that in that exasperating 'let's recap what you have just seen in case you have forgotten' sense but it's good fun.

The judges are equally grouchy and matey (I do like a grumpy Australian man).

MunchkinsMumof2 Tue 12-Mar-13 18:07:09

Ah, just caught up and definitely had something in my eye watching that elimination <blames pmt> I thought he was a contender for the title, bless him.

marmite69 Mon 11-Mar-13 21:38:48

Pseudo you are right, just had a quick reminder on Wiki blush

I liked that particular contestant as well wink

GetOrf Mon 11-Mar-13 21:13:38

I can't believe who left tonight shock

I hope they bring him back in as a surprise later in the series.

I don't know who I think is going to win.

MunchkinsMumof2 Mon 11-Mar-13 21:10:57

We love the series of Oz Masterchef currently on Really. We do a comedy Neighbours / Masterchef mashup during the theme tune. Love George the Greek and their comments during the judging. It's a real guilty pleasure!

PseudoBadger Mon 11-Mar-13 20:57:22

Season 4 has been and gone! The new one will be 5...

GetOrf Mon 11-Mar-13 20:57:11

Oh yes have got a bit of a crush on Matt Moran.

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 11-Mar-13 20:55:06

Netto, do you have the recipe for the pigs head? We binned the heads last year from our pigs as didn't have a clue, this year I intend to try some more stuff.

marmite69 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:45:05

Ooh you had me going then ,thought season 4 had started!

Our favourite saying is " I'm salivating!" as said by George when trying the food!

Love Gary and Matt Moran.

I don't watch the UK version, no comparison I'm afraid.

Davros Mon 11-Mar-13 20:43:58

Bejam grin that was the place full if freezers in the 70s wasn't it? I loved Hayden too, he was so nice as well As beefy

NettoSuperstar Mon 11-Mar-13 19:58:07

Coon cheese got me everytime, and why does the mayonnaise taste like cheap salad cream with added sugar?
I was loaded when I lived there Scone, not so much now!

I've cooked Tripe Five, it was interestinggrin

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 11-Mar-13 19:51:10

Not quite as bad as Bejam, but...

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 11-Mar-13 19:50:13

Ooh Getorf, walking around Woolworths in particular is like walking into 1980s Tesco.

I was aghast when we first started living there and fell to my knees when we came home and went around Sainsburys, even the children were stroking the shelves cooing at all the lovely choice grin

GetOrf Mon 11-Mar-13 19:43:41

Is that why some of the groceries look a bit groovy, like something you would buy form a corner shop, or Gateways in the 90s grin

PseudoBadger Mon 11-Mar-13 19:28:41

NEVER GOOGLE Australian Masterchef! I made that mistake series 2 as well...

GozerTheGozerian Mon 11-Mar-13 19:21:18

I PANICKED then thinking I had missed a series. Phew. Word of warning though - don't do what I did on series 2, and innocently google the website thinking you can download the recipes (which you can, by the way, I have made some fab things off of it.) no, I accidentally saw who won which really pissed me off so be careful what you google!

Has anyone else noticed that when Matt's tasting something, he sort of gazes off into the distance in some kind of food-inspired reverie? DH and I do it all the time when one of us has cooked something new.

Davros Mon 11-Mar-13 19:15:07

But if you are a "foodie" and seriously entering Masterchef, surely you would know more than your local style if food or nearer countries? Some of them Di but you still get some in MC Aus and NZ who have very limited knowledge.

GoatBongosAnonymous Mon 11-Mar-13 19:15:04

Him nostalgia? Freudian slip by my phone there! Home nostalgia that was.

GoatBongosAnonymous Mon 11-Mar-13 19:13:16

Oh, I don't have Watch sad was looking forward to a bit of him nostalgia there...
I too like Hayden for his intellectual impact on me...
Oh please oh please don't send Jay home!!!!

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 11-Mar-13 19:11:33

It is so much better than the british one. The SOuth African was inetersting, lots of different meats, including tripe <boak>

ChutesTooNarrow Mon 11-Mar-13 19:09:59

Oh I am sad, watching now and the theme tune is a new version of the season one theme tune. It is slower and less waily. sad

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 11-Mar-13 19:08:51

Ooh netto, you must have been flush to afford a deli! I was v.sad that Aldi hadn't arrived in WA when we were there!

NettoSuperstar Mon 11-Mar-13 19:04:48

I assumed they lived in the house as it's a bit far to go home each week.

The sponsorship is amusing, but having lived in Australia not surprising.

Their food knowledge is different, not better or worse, they are so far away from Europe, but so close to Asia and their knowledge reflects that.

Coles is (or was) shite, as was Woolworths.
I liked myself an independent deli, and even Kalgoorlie had one of themgrin

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 11-Mar-13 18:51:15

Absolutely Davos, it always made me grin that Coles supply all the food for Masterchef and advertise heavily that it is the case... Can you imagine Masterchef sponsored by Tescos?!

Davros Mon 11-Mar-13 18:48:13

I love it and NZ which I found on Watch last week. But you cannot be serious that the Aus contestants are more skilled than the UK ones!??! They have people who've never made pasta, don't really know what French food us Etc.
the reason they live in a fab house, do more complex challenges etc us because if the advertising and sponsorship. Have you seen the list at the end? Even the contestants shoes are sponsored! Ours is on the BBC, they don't even tell you the names if the wine in Food & Drink! It's a different ball game.

SconeInSixtySeconds Mon 11-Mar-13 18:48:10

Generally used as "he is so spunky" which never failed to make me laugh...particularly at a Tupperware party where the competition was to win a calendar full of pictures of spunky guys.

There we were ogling over plastic storage to tableware and scantily dressed men - one of whom was called Randy.

Yes, I was the token easily amused Brit...

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