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Joekate Wed 27-Feb-13 12:27:06

I thought I would start a new thread seeings as the Atlanta series starts tonight, and you never know ITV2 may start NY or OC at any time. Is this the first series of Atlanta or am I playing catch up again.

MaybeOrnot Thu 21-Mar-13 12:27:59

Cynthia is the nicest,and really beautiful.

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 21-Mar-13 12:31:19

who is cynthia?

HotCrossPun Fri 22-Mar-13 16:32:23

Redhead - I love her voice too! I thought it was just me smile

MaybeOrnot Fri 22-Mar-13 16:53:22

Sorry,Cynthia comes into it laterblush

Chottie Sat 23-Mar-13 18:18:30

I'm warming to NeNe too! She really shots from the hip grin

babyfirefly1980 Sun 24-Mar-13 11:01:18

Kim is sickening...she has gone back to big poppa just because she can't earn her own living, fake nasty person.

Nene is the only likeable one

Buzzardbird Sun 24-Mar-13 23:13:05

Yes, not one of her reasons for going back to big poppa didn't include money.
I wonder if that artist that was praising shereeee up had actually ever met her? His comments about what a beautiful soul she had cannot be about the same person who says in the opening credits that "people are intimidated by my success", they are not you vacuous bint!

MrsBucketxx Mon 25-Mar-13 17:04:28

seems like they equate their ex husbands money with success. silly woman.

WallyBantersJunkBox Mon 25-Mar-13 17:10:15

What success though Buzzard? That's what confuses me. The success of marrying an American football player....?

If she was his coach/manager or whatever and had turned his life around, done all of his marketing like a married Jerry Maguire then I'd understand.

At least Kim is honest about her completely shallow reasons for being with "Big Pappa".

I saw NeNe's husband in an Army uniform in a brief clip? Did anyone else see it?

Kandi is the only one doing it all for herself. Her house that she bought at 19, bringing up her daughter by herself etc

I really like her actually. Her smile is just gorgeous. I wish her fiance would be a bit more involved in the show so that we can find out how much of a loser he really is. (or not!)

roundtable Mon 25-Mar-13 17:21:11

Don't tell anyone but I'm really starting to enjoy the Atlanta series. grin

I like Kandi, she's very talented. I was a bit dubious about her acting ability but I actually felt quite emotional when I watched her. blush

Nene's really grown on me too. Even when she's been completely out of order, watching her commentary on it makes me laugh, even though I know I shouldn't.

Don't have a lot of time for the rest of them though.

Buzzardbird Mon 25-Mar-13 19:00:23

I saw that wally was trying to work out if it was just a 'fashion' item?
I really hope kandi's guy doesn't turn out to be a loser but her mother really isn't keen is she?
this series is definitely a 'gro

do you think Kim's hair problem is a

MrsBucketxx Mon 25-Mar-13 19:29:56

it could be alopecia, ill see if I can find out.

MrsBucketxx Mon 25-Mar-13 19:37:48

she was sick and her hair started thinning, and she started wearing wigs then and continued cause she likes them,
here she is without I think it looks lovely.

twitchycurtains Mon 25-Mar-13 22:50:28

Wow, Kim is only 34?

WallyBantersJunkBox Mon 25-Mar-13 22:58:26

No I don't think it was a fashion item, he had medal ribbons.

I wonder if he was ex forces on a reunion evening, it only says property invester when you google him.

MrsBucketxx Tue 26-Mar-13 19:36:25

was that Lisa's nipple on her commentary I saw today. or miss placed lace?

Joekate Fri 05-Apr-13 18:48:43

Good lord!! I miss a couple of episodes and...AJ is no more, Kim is (briefly) gay, and Lisa is no where in sight. What the hell happened!! shock

Squarepebbles Fri 05-Apr-13 21:21:56

Omg is it back,have I missed some episodes?

Buzzardbird Fri 05-Apr-13 23:18:58

Kim is definately a media whore, she will say anything to sell a story.
Ne-ne looks like she is in for a turbulent series.

babyfirefly1980 Wed 10-Apr-13 12:12:04

Phaedra is a piece of work! hope Apollo dumps her from a great height, nasty.

Looks like kim and kandi could be in for a fight over music royaltys.

MrsBucketxx Wed 10-Apr-13 12:16:23

kim is a bit dumb when it comes to gay men, she needs to switch her gaydar on,

Joekate Wed 10-Apr-13 12:31:44

I do not like Phaedra at all - nasty and spoiled. What's the story with Apollo being in jail?

I think Kim did the stiring with Ne-ne and Dwight - the figure of $10,000 came from her, didn't it?

I'm liking the model -she is stunning and seems nice too.

Joekate Wed 10-Apr-13 12:34:53

Can anyone shed light on what happened to Lisa?

MrsBucketxx Wed 10-Apr-13 12:35:37

I dont know just poof and gone.

daisydoodoo Wed 10-Apr-13 12:41:15

I've been watching miami on bio and its getting better. I dislike Joanna especially when shes had a drink.

I just cant get into atlanta. Cant wait for beverley hills and new york.

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