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BeckyBrandon Sun 24-Feb-13 14:53:13

Tempted to pull an all nighter and watch the oscars as I don't have work tomorrow. Is anyone else or am I a fool who will be sorely disappointed?

ripsishere Mon 25-Feb-13 04:22:57

I'm up obviously. I've got no idea who has won what since my TV provider (Hippo) doesn't stretch to programs from anywhere outside Malaysia apart from Aus.

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 04:41:27

rips live feed from the beeb

Adele just won Best Song "Skyfoal in the crumb bowl"

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 04:41:41

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 04:55:05

Oooh, Dan Day-L has won Best Actor! for the third time... My left foot, for the first idea what his other one was for

CheerfulYank Mon 25-Feb-13 05:03:09

There Will be Blood, he won for.

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 05:08:21

<googles> oh right...that kind of past me by confused

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 05:09:51

and Ben Affleck's come a long way!

CheerfulYank Mon 25-Feb-13 05:17:41

I am so sad I'm missing it! sad

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 05:19:35

why are you missing it?

I am just updating the BBC site at work - will watch it when it comes on TV over here, usually on cable, in a couple of weeks hmm

CheerfulYank Mon 25-Feb-13 05:22:08

We don't have a TV. Usually I stay over and watch it with a friend but had work tonight and a conference with DS's teacher tomorrow.

I guess the whole thing will be online tomorrow but it's just not the same! <wails>

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 05:22:42

oh, hold you mean you are supposed to actually be there, in Hollywood, and you're missing it because you are preggers and couldn't fit into a frock? grin

are you, like, famous? <narrows eyes>

TanteRose Mon 25-Feb-13 05:23:20

x posts!! grin

CheerfulYank Mon 25-Feb-13 05:25:26

Hahaha! Oh Lord, I would make SUCH a fool of myself if I ever went to the Oscars. I would die.

Jennifer Lawrence (who won, yay!) said that she became such a babbling idiot when she met John Stamos at a party that he asked her if she was on mushrooms. grin

PuffPants Mon 25-Feb-13 06:42:19

Just watching clips on youtube. Daniel D-L, what a classy speech.

Lighthousekeeping Mon 25-Feb-13 07:05:13

Silver Linings was overrated IMHO. I'm glad she won though. I've already forgotten who she was up against!

PuffPants Mon 25-Feb-13 08:50:12

Ooh, I take it back, I actually loved Naomi Watts's dress - slightly weird boob thing but overall but sensational colour and fit.

Anne Hathaway, why would you wear that thing on the night you know you're going to win an Oscar? Very poor choice.

Jennifers Aniston & Garner - lovely choices. Sally Field - magnificent.

Jessica Chastain - not really feeling the colour or the cut. Jessica Lawrence - how many loo rolls was she concealing under there exactly? No wonder she tripped.

icapturethecastle Mon 25-Feb-13 10:16:45

Just finished watching loved when Hugh jackman pops up to help Jennifer Lawrence he us such a gent. So pleased Ben affeck won did shed a tear.

Frogman Mon 25-Feb-13 10:21:41

i've just taken a long haul flight and was totally bored (dropped off, mouth wide open) by Lincoln. Don't want to watch Pi. Rest was rubbishy shite EXCEPT the most wonderful documentary/film that I so want to watch again on a big screen and I will buy because I don't want to lose it. Searching for Sugarman. What a wonderful story.

Animation Mon 25-Feb-13 10:28:56

Was a bit disappointed Daniel Day Lewis predictably won best actor. Saying that I haven't actually seen the film, but have assumed it's a performance that ticks all the Academy Award boxes.

Frogman Mon 25-Feb-13 10:30:20

It's politics, in't it.

Frogman Mon 25-Feb-13 10:32:06

Always a good idea to watch films not-nominated. Searching for Sugarman is one of those special ones. Another one would be Man on Wire, again, SUCH a special film.

Animation Mon 25-Feb-13 10:40:33

Yes, politics Frogman. Think it's a film that would bore me as well.

Megglevache Mon 25-Feb-13 10:40:54

Jen Garner with wrinkles on her forehead....what no Botox shocker!

<<love her!>>

Megglevache Mon 25-Feb-13 10:45:37

Jane Fonda- waa-waa-wee-wuu! Amazing.
Quentin T...just looks more and more odd- has he had a facelift?
Christopher W- Ahem...hello grin
Samuel L Jackson- looked like he was going to sit down and read a story on Cbebbies

<<yes...Kelly Osbourne must be quaking in her shoes given my critique>>

Frogman Mon 25-Feb-13 10:54:17

I think Jennifer Anniston (although not a fan) is looking stupendous in red. Are those of you decrying her taste just being anti-Anniston?

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