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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - WTF is going on now?

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 23-Feb-13 17:08:01

For any fans of the weekday soap Doctors (1.45pm, BBC1), the thread title is often what we ask ourselves.

Sometimes it's a WTF episode confused, sometimes it's BAH (boring as hell). Occasionally we have a FTC (failure to care) moment.

But sometimes rarely there is a diamond in the rough that makes us grin

So please join in if you would like to. All welcome. Mrs T is just making a pot of Rrrrrrrrrrrrrred Bush tea.

Sparklingbrook Sat 23-Feb-13 17:11:33

Fab new thread. grin Thank you MsN.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Sat 23-Feb-13 17:59:59

Thank you MsN. Great intro!

Raahh Sat 23-Feb-13 18:58:06

Wooo- new thread!

yes, I've caught up with the spoilers. And a couple of hours later, I've forgotten them grin

looking forward to the murder mystery episode, though.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 23-Feb-13 18:59:43

yay !

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 23-Feb-13 19:01:30

can someone just give me a list of the acronyms ?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 23-Feb-13 19:15:20

MaryAnn, I will try to keep the list of acronyms factual coz I got into trouble once for making jokes grin

6tl - Emma, the dark haired doctor that is married to Sam. Called 6tl because she'd been in Doctors 5 times before so this is 6th time lucky.

Rect-Al - New doctor Al. Called so because early on he had a run of having to examine patients back passages.

TBFE - Howard. The Bloke From Emmerdale. Self -explanatory.

Gobby - Receptionist Karen. Because she is loud but loveable.

GobbyPlod - Rob, Karen's husband. Or sometimes called 'the only Plod in the village'.

Jizz - new trainee Jas, as she had a saucy chatline job.

Mrs T - Mrs Tembe

I think that is pretty much all we use right now. Hope this helps. smile

MsNobodyAgain Sat 23-Feb-13 19:21:19

Oh, I forgot (hardly surprising):

FOD - Mandy the nurse. So called as she has a large forehead of DOOM! And needs to grow a fringe.

Sparklingbrook Sat 23-Feb-13 19:24:41

FOD can also double up as 'F**k Off Dear' because we wish she would.

Horsemad Sat 23-Feb-13 19:29:29

Yeaaay new thread! Thanks MsNo

MsNobodyAgain Sat 23-Feb-13 19:30:32

Sparkling I like that!

Cheers all for the thanks and letting me start the thread again smile

toldmywrath Sat 23-Feb-13 20:13:48

Just dropping in to report my dream-it involved Mrs T but she was very casually dressed-in a denim pinafore dress with a t shirt. She was working at the new doctors surgery I was attending & recognised me (!) This was her moonlighting type job (i.e. they do not know about it in Letherbridge land)
I only remembered it when MsNo said about redbush tea upthread. Also Mrs T did not roll her Rs in my dream.
That is all (is it a better dream than Prof Cox & the curtains I wonder?) grin

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 23-Feb-13 21:25:56

thanks v much !

MsNobodyAgain Sat 23-Feb-13 21:27:51

Mrs T in denim shock. It would neverrrrrrrrrrrr happen. grin

How funny that you dreamt about Doctors. As bad as my addiction is, I've never dreamt about anyone. Well, maybe Kevin, but I'm not disclosing the details.

Sparklingbrook Sat 23-Feb-13 21:37:50

My favourite pic of Mrs T Here smile

Horsemad Sat 23-Feb-13 22:30:46

Flippin' 'eck - is that really her? Scrubs up well grin

Sparklingbrook Sat 23-Feb-13 22:36:38

I would love her to have a makeover in the programme and appear like that Horse. Heston would be shock

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Sat 23-Feb-13 22:46:36

She looks about 20 years younger in that pic. Don't think I've ever dreamed about Doctors, but I have only been watching regularly for a few months.

readyforno2 Sat 23-Feb-13 22:50:28

Wow. She looks amazing.
Heston wouldn't be able to control himself if she sauntered into the mill looking like that!

Sparklingbrook Mon 25-Feb-13 12:40:07

Won't be able to watch today. Got an appointment with Kwik Fit to look at my screechy fanbelt. sad

Oodsigma Mon 25-Feb-13 13:02:05

Marking my place. Hospital this afternoon but can catch up tonight. Hospital tomorrow too and hair cut on Wednesday so might be a lot of catching up this week.

Sparklingbrook Mon 25-Feb-13 15:03:52

Fanbelt tightened. grin Just watching.

Oh bloody hell Gobbyplods pretend wife is back. Can't remember her abbreviation.

Sparklingbrook Mon 25-Feb-13 15:08:23

Ooh a drug dealing hoarder.

Sparklingbrook Mon 25-Feb-13 15:09:11

Or a rapist? Oh I don't know.

Sparklingbrook Mon 25-Feb-13 15:14:09

Jimmi's OCD. sad

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