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Corrie queens gather round.

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Bakingnovice Thu 14-Feb-13 11:44:39

Have started a new thread as the old one won't accept my message. So I'll repost it here:

Fuzz has form for being beyond thick. Remember the whole stape thing? Her character is just incredibly stupid. You'd think she would learn her lesson. Running away 'on a fishing boat' with £200 is like a story from a 16th century novel.

Re the abduction I think they were wrong. Lots of mums keeps kids from fathers for all manner of selfish reasons and abduction is not the answer. However I do think ty was desperate. But why won't he just let the court decide ffs. He's got loads of evidence. I'm getting to the point in this story where I'm actually ready to punch him myself! In fact have felt a tiny bit sorry for k when they stole ruby. Surely the writers can't have intended for this to happen? God knows. Im away next week so hopefully I'll miss the stupid court stuff and be back for some proper corrie storylines.

whatkungfuthat Wed 20-Mar-13 22:08:34

As far as I can tell it was only once

garlicbrunch Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:53

Is Sunita due to be written out? It looks as though Carl's going to try and bump her off while she's in hospital. Loved the bit right at the end, where Dev's whining about just wanting to hear her voice again, and Carl does his New Evil Psychopathic Stare, so we know that's the one thing he can't allow to happen.

What's so important on Friday night that we have to wait for Corrie? sad

PaintedBottom Wed 20-Mar-13 22:16:52

There's usually just one episode on a Wednesday unless I've missed something? The next double episode is on Sunday this week, not Friday.

garlicbrunch Wed 20-Mar-13 22:29:02

Ooh, I've just read the spoiler! Looks like Karl gets his evil way ...

whatkungfuthat Wed 20-Mar-13 22:29:44

England are playing on Friday, gits

PipkinsPal Thu 21-Mar-13 17:27:02

I hoped a few weeks ago that Kirsty would get found out by slapping Julie. If there is anyone who could do with being constantly slapped it's her.

whatkungfuthat Thu 21-Mar-13 17:37:35

I can't look at her now without seeing Yootha Joyce

MurielTheActor Thu 21-Mar-13 23:08:14

Have been away so watched all 3 episodes tonight. Loved it! It's what Corrie always does well - mixing comedy and tragedy.
Emily: What's that smell?
Norris: The smell of menopause grin
Gloria was fab and loved how they wove in the Kirsty story.

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 22-Mar-13 07:17:41

What was the Kirsty story please?

TequilaMockinBird Fri 22-Mar-13 07:48:11

Has anyone tried it on their sofa yet? I'm a bit scared incase it all goes horribly wrong!

TequilaMockinBird Fri 22-Mar-13 09:03:12

Eeek, wrong thread blush


PaintedBottom Fri 22-Mar-13 10:10:53

Oh, well now I'm interested continue.... What can one do on a sofa that is potentially scary? <innocent>

TequilaMockinBird Fri 22-Mar-13 11:08:19

grinPainted, steam cleaner question!

MrsSalvoMontalbano Fri 22-Mar-13 11:50:18

grin TequilaMockinBird love it! Glad you came back to explain!

PaintedBottom Fri 22-Mar-13 15:08:07

Oh I'm disapointed Tequila....I was assuming the answer would be more exciting than: "Can I steam clean my sofa?" grin

Bakingnovice Sat 23-Mar-13 18:25:26

Bloody hell. Just watched the fire episodes. Some thoughts: bloody fireman survived really wanted him dead. Gloria has the wrinkles of a 99 year old, and those eyes of hers could give you nightmares, devs sniffing in hospital has us in stitches, really hope they don't drag the 'Karl saved the day' story on for long. Why has Gail forgiven kylie? She gave Lewis the account password and shagged nick ffs. The full monty show was pants ( pun I tended). How did stella get from bathrobe to being fully dressed??!

whatkungfuthat Sat 23-Mar-13 20:35:55

I was sure that trouser-smell fireman was going to cop it, then they introduced that bloody Toni, aargh!

Bakingnovice Sun 24-Mar-13 08:46:35

Poor scriptwriting again. They intro Toni just so they'd have someone to kill. Hate that fireman, he's half the size of Eileen and they make an odd couple.

gregssausageroll Sun 24-Mar-13 09:15:53

I have pm'd you kendodds re Kirsty.

Sleepyfergus Sun 24-Mar-13 09:26:58


I quite like Paul. And I like him and Eileen together.


gregssausageroll Sun 24-Mar-13 09:58:12

I do too sleepy. It is a shame they can't have a happy couple in soap land.

garlicbrunch Sun 24-Mar-13 15:29:43

I'm another Paul & Eileen fan smile

I still haven't quite got over Gail's appearance from the bathroom at Sally's house, having hogged it for hours, with a towel wrapped round her head but a perfectly dry & set fringe peeping out, above a full face of makeup! I conclude the gossip about Helen Worth being a 'diva' is correct. Any normal actor would bite the bullet to show with wet hair & steamed-up face.

Oh, god, I do NOT want to see Karl & Stella get back together sad

Bakingnovice Sun 24-Mar-13 20:32:10

Fizz is such a hypocrite. Being moody with Katie when she had an affair with a married man. Really hope they don't drag the Karl story on. Sick of seeing corrie portray bad guys as good guys. We've already got Kirsty ffs we don't need the same storyline again. Love how Stella woke up with full eye makeup and blusher.

Hate the fireman. And he's so over the top about Toni. And he doesn't fit with Eileen.

AmIthatWintry Sun 24-Mar-13 21:11:12

Who was Fizz's married man?

I am going off Corrie at the moment. Dev - please just go.

karl being made a hero at the expense of poor Jason. Nah

And bloody Kirsty. Why is she still around and I know it has been said many, many times, why do Ty's friends take her side


Oh, and what does "trouser smell fireman" mean, Do you think he smells. Of mothballs and fusty man?

ajandjjmum Sun 24-Mar-13 21:37:36

Ty was Fizz's married man - but clearly she thinks that's different. I suppose we all would if it was our little bro we were looking out for!

I thought the Kirsty thing was going to be sorted out tonight, but at least she got Julie worried.

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