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Wanted Down Under - the one where we start by rooting for the family.

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MrsReiver Tue 12-Feb-13 09:45:28

Cheering on the family is becoming a habit!

Previous thread here

MunchkinsMumof2 Wed 13-Feb-13 09:23:40

Can you even legally leave a 14yo?

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 13-Feb-13 09:24:55

Right, just had a look and Port Kennedy is well over an hour south of Perth.

Passmethecrisps Wed 13-Feb-13 09:25:24

Interesting decor - a sumurai sword and teddy bears

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 13-Feb-13 09:25:56

Poor poor daughter, shut out from her family. What a difference to that girl the other day who was worried about leaving her step sisters.

Passmethecrisps Wed 13-Feb-13 09:26:15

I suppose you can munchins but why is she not living with family? It would class as a private fostering arrangement officially

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:26:35

Thanks Pass, words fail me really I hope this is all for the tv prog because if not how could the relationship between her and her daughter not be damaged if she is seriously thinking of leaving her at 14?, putting him before her!?

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:28:06

Your not a family love if you leave her behind! Gah

MrsReiver Wed 13-Feb-13 09:28:18

I missed the daughter's age - she's FOURTEEN? Good grief, how could you bring yourself to leave a fourteen year old behind?

I detest the snow, especially when I'm sat here at 38 weeks and imagining DH getting stuck at work or unable to get the car out to go to the hospital. EEK!!

Meglet Wed 13-Feb-13 09:28:27

Do these people not remember what it's like being 14 confused. I can't think of a worse age to up sticks and move across the world.

MrsJREwing Wed 13-Feb-13 09:28:45

Dreams, maybe that's why the dd lives elsewhere, maybe due to Mum putting her hubby first.

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 13-Feb-13 09:29:30

Ooh exciting Mrs Reiver!

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:30:22

Oh Mrs, lets hope it thaws soon then for you!

MunchkinsMumof2 Wed 13-Feb-13 09:31:20

My Mum left me albeit just for 4 months at 14yo and it was truly hideous and damaged my relationship with her.

MrsReiver Wed 13-Feb-13 09:31:23

It's to turn to sleet later so it won't be around for long grin

Yes love, they have childcare in Australia. She's pissing me off.

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:31:49

I have a step dc MrsJ and dh is SF to my one, I just cant imagine leaving any of them, does sound as though the may be a problem there already.

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 13-Feb-13 09:31:57

He seems quite nice. It would seem that she is pushing it..

Salbertina Wed 13-Feb-13 09:32:12

Omg - uk vote just now due to weather hmm thought was ginally thinking should take responsibility for her daughter angry

Passmethecrisps Wed 13-Feb-13 09:32:18

All the more reason just to put you feet up mrs reiver!

Ok, so no daughter and no job . . . What does she get out of it?

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:33:25

Munch sad My gran left my mum at 2 and didnt see her until she was 15, mum never got over it. Perhaps that why I`m so grr about this.

MrsJREwing Wed 13-Feb-13 09:33:39

lovely extention.

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:34:03

Nice kitchen though

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Wed 13-Feb-13 09:34:36

Where they from?

Passmethecrisps Wed 13-Feb-13 09:34:46

Omg! They have added no value to their house!

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 13-Feb-13 09:35:00

Do they not get how selfish they seem?

MunchkinsMumof2 Wed 13-Feb-13 09:35:17

I found it really difficult and since I've had my dc, I couldn't imagine ever leaving them.

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