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womma Wed 13-Feb-13 14:40:44

DD and I love Mouk! I record them and we watch them just before bed. There's a new series started on Disney Junior at 7.05pm (I think) so it's a bit late for wee'uns.

I'm not sure if there's a DVD, but there's a lovely Mouk book about his travels. The images and colours they use are just gorgeous.

CreamolaFoamFan Mon 11-Feb-13 21:03:59

There are (or were, fairly recently) quite a few on YouTube - there are clips put up by Disney, but also several full episodes. Hope your DS gets his Mouk fix!

OhMyNoReally Mon 11-Feb-13 17:28:48

Just wondered if anyone had seen this on the Disney junior channel? I think it's adorable, lovely stories, interesting topics and cute animation. But it's only on at 6pm it used to be on more. I've looked for a DVD but can't find one sad if anyone has seen it do you know if it is available on DVD or online to watch?

Thanks my 2yr old ds will be hard to handle without his daily dose of Mouk grin

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