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anyone start watching NASHVILLE

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HanneHolm Sun 10-Feb-13 14:50:30

last week?

onedev Sat 20-Jul-13 20:23:03

Thanks grin

MrsJamin Wed 24-Jul-13 07:22:01

Can finally join this thread after watching the whole series in about a week- have been utterly hooked and stayed up til midnight last night just to watch the final episode- very unlike me, normally asleep by 10.30!

One of the ways in which I liked it was that it kept making you horrified about Juliette but then you would see a glimmer of a human, sad childhood side and you would nearly empathise with her, then you'd be horrified again! Great storyline with the mum and the sober friend etc.
Can't wait til series 2! Love the music too, the albums on spotify are ace.

stringbean Fri 06-Sep-13 16:08:18

So Season 2 kicks off in the US on Sept 25th - there are no end of websites with details of new characters etc. Anyone any ideas when it's starting over here?

fussychica Sat 07-Sep-13 14:41:30

Great news - just hope we don't have to wait too long on this side of the pond.

tribpot Fri 13-Sep-13 19:16:00

Geektown is normally quite good at guessing - it thinks Feb 2014! Which is in line with its season 1 start date.

MartyrStewart Fri 11-Oct-13 00:48:56

Any update on when season two starts?

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