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TOTP - Uptown Ranking with Celeste and Althea.

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BestIsWest Fri 08-Feb-13 22:13:46

Ooh I was about 14. This takes me straight back there! But I could only guess at what the words were.

1977-1980 were the BEST years for music. I even liked Mull of Kintyre.

I wore flares in 1978 (we were a few years behind in Wales)

MrsSalvoMontalbano Fri 08-Feb-13 21:46:23

also not seen it this time, but YESSSSS! remember from first time round and gives me goose bumps when I hear it and makes me feel 15 again, with a lovely new boyfriend - wow - the power of music!!!!

Davros Fri 08-Feb-13 21:33:28

Haven't seen it recently but remember it first time round very clearly, especially the TOTP or orchestra

drjohnsonscat Fri 08-Feb-13 21:29:00

yes but I should be on it instead of all those reckoners. It would be much more interesting to listen to me talking about the albums of my youth grin

Do like Danny Baker though and his quoting Alone Again Naturally (yesterday? day before?) I simply cannot even hear those words without breaking down, let alone speak them outloud.

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 20:35:10

Mull of Kintyre was so dull to listen to, especially so for a child.
The music scene lacks so much of the variety that there once was.
Is anyone else enjoying the Danny Baker round table on guests' favourite albums?

Pan Fri 08-Feb-13 20:17:25

1978 was a volcanic year for music. Sooo much going on.

And yes thank fuck it unseated Mull of Kintyre.

Poppetspinkpants Fri 08-Feb-13 20:13:09

The fact that it knocked the dreadful Mull of Kintyre off the top after it had been at no 1 for about 17 years means that it gets my vote.

drjohnsonscat Fri 08-Feb-13 20:08:46

love it. Totally cool. Also love all the reruns of TOTP. They need to bring that programme back forthwith. It's brilliant and memory forming as well as being awful occasionally which is part of its charm. What is there in its place now that everyone talks about the next day at school?

babooshkadoll Fri 08-Feb-13 20:04:37

Yeah flares deffo I was 6!!

bran Fri 08-Feb-13 18:14:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pan Fri 08-Feb-13 18:14:07

babooshkadoll flares? In 1978??

Is anyone else going to admit they bought this at the time, on 7" vinyl with the dub version on the B side?

Thought not.grin

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 18:06:19

Thank goodness it's not just me hasn't been able to get it out of her head!

LadyIsabellaWrotham Fri 08-Feb-13 17:49:09

They played it on 6 Music this morning - it's just fabulous.

WhichIsBest Fri 08-Feb-13 17:48:11

I remember seeing this a while ago. I thought they were kOoL.

babooshkadoll Fri 08-Feb-13 17:47:45

Oh right back to my 70s childhood in an instant .

Sitting on the dralon sofa in my flares watching TOTP.

pirouette Fri 08-Feb-13 17:47:35

blush at shimmy.

<dances round handbag alone in disgrace>

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 17:47:35

Beware! It will be at least a fortnight until your brain can be freed from its peculiar charms, at which point you will have to persuade someone else to listen to it!

At least your baby will be born jammin' and ting grin

sunnysunnyshine Fri 08-Feb-13 17:41:41

Tune!!! grin

Had it playing on my phone resting on my bump - she went crazy and kicked it off. I like to think the loved it rather than hated it...

Gotta go and listen to it again!

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 17:41:16

Yes, the 'ooh' at the end of the line!

See mi pon the road and hear you call out to me
True you see me in me pants and ting
See me inna 'alter back
Sey me gi' you heart attack
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Love is all I bring inna me khaki suit and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

Unashamedly copied from a lyrics site.

They are my new guilty pleasure.

pirouette Fri 08-Feb-13 17:31:30

"shimmy in my pants and ting oh!" grin

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 17:27:38

Corrrection - it's Althia and Donna!

Here's the link

I defy you not to dance to it!

NightingalesOde Fri 08-Feb-13 17:24:05

Did anyone see them performing this on the old TOTP repeats? I cannot get it out of my head, the vision nor the song! They were simultaneously arresting and appalling. Do look at youtube for it, if you have a minute!

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