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Great British Menu is back

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MsNobodyAgain Mon 28-Jan-13 19:09:51

if anyone is interested.

BBC2, 7.30pm tonight.

Why didn't they tell Raymond that the Titanic smoker was not at all funny, and the venison was over smoked?

Raahh Fri 08-Mar-13 20:21:13

I don't know- usually they give feedback so that they can change a course at the next stage. That said, it doesn't stand a chance of getting to the banquet.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 08-Mar-13 20:22:18

If Chris hadn't have messed up his soup, he would have won. I am still shaking my head about the Titanic smoker and the 'volcano'

akaemmafrost Fri 08-Mar-13 23:33:48

I love Glynn, he is my fave ever tv chef.

I thought ALL food this week was awful.

Titanic, outrageously bad taste in more ways than one.

Central next week, I am a midlands girl so it's always my favourite.

Oodsigma Sat 09-Mar-13 18:37:24

Just caught up, not impressed with results, thought Chris was better than Ray. Thought Ian was better than all. Not sure the format is wiring as well this time.

Raahh Mon 11-Mar-13 19:38:57

OMG- now,I'll be the first to admit I don't get the fawning over Marcus Wareing, (so any excuse to have a go at him is good) - and I am very much a beard woman- but WTF IS ON HIS FACEgrin

Raahh Mon 11-Mar-13 19:39:56

In fact, he looks as greasy Chrisshock

MsNobodyAgain Mon 11-Mar-13 19:41:07

I was shocked when I saw him. Not a good look.

I am surprised that one of the chefs is doing fish in the starter when there is a fish course to follow.

Raahh Mon 11-Mar-13 19:50:10

But some of the fish courses have had more meat in them than fish, MsNo- maybe he's doing that!

Marcus looks like the dog that won Crufts but not as cutegrin

MsNobodyAgain Mon 11-Mar-13 20:01:08

True, on both counts smile

Not very inspiring tonight. The only one I would eat would be the fish one. Hope tomorrow is better. This brief is really getting on my wick.

Badgerwife Mon 11-Mar-13 20:07:41

more inspiring than last week though surely! I don't particularly like Marcus Wareing, he tends to come across as quite rude and no sense of humour (purely based on watching a Masterchef episode) but I thought he was really fair in his score.

I'm still reeling from the fact that that obnoxious guy Ray with his awful awful Titanic dish got through last week when the other guy was so much better (and less of an arsehole).

Oodsigma Mon 11-Mar-13 20:09:41

I'd like the goats cheese one. But think this week could be close. And Marcus wearing could go either way.0

Bilbobagginstummy Mon 11-Mar-13 20:16:14

Marcus Wareing get your hair cut! And washed!

Raahh Mon 11-Mar-13 20:52:24

Badgers- definitely better than last week. And the bizarre Titanic fiascogrin

Oodsigma Mon 11-Mar-13 20:54:04

Has anyone we liked got through ?

MsNobodyAgain Tue 12-Mar-13 18:28:21

That is a good question Ood. I think we've all more or less moaned about every single result.

Raahh Tue 12-Mar-13 18:35:16

MsNo <snort>
grin - we have indeed. I think we may have been relieved that Aideen finally got through on his 4th attempt.

There have been no stand out dishes - except maybe for the wrong reasons- like Titanic.

But,as we've said over and over- I think this year's brief is rubbish,and has totally flummoxed some of them. So,it's either funny,or edible. The two don't seem to mixgrin

Raahh Tue 12-Mar-13 18:35:53

Aiden obviouslyblush

MsNobodyAgain Tue 12-Mar-13 19:28:06

Aideen sounds like it should be on a baby name thread. grin

Raahh Tue 12-Mar-13 19:34:50

I imagine Aideen to be second cousin to Our Avaline, in 'Bread'grin

MsNobodyAgain Tue 12-Mar-13 19:36:51


Will is missing the brief. He's almost as humourless as Marcus and that is saying something.

Raahh Tue 12-Mar-13 19:40:00


yup, stick a cherry tomato on there- instant red nose.

The should have gone with my pollock/bollock/mohican idea.

And CR is this Friday, wouldn't you have thought the series should be finished by then - when's the final?

MsNobodyAgain Tue 12-Mar-13 19:44:32

Don't know when the final is but Google tells me we still have the Wales stint to go next week.

Raahh Tue 12-Mar-13 19:45:36

of course- for some reason, I thought they'd done Wales already.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 12-Mar-13 19:48:52

Hard work for a potato basket. I'd have given up by now.

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