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Real HouseWifes Of Beverly Hills Series two....

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RabidCarrot Thu 24-Jan-13 16:57:57

Starts tomorrow ITV2

Plumps up cushions and gets popcorn

Lighthousekeeping Tue 26-Feb-13 12:33:11

Kyles expressions piss me right off. I hope her daughters haven't got her mean girls attitude.

ihatethecold Tue 26-Feb-13 12:38:04

i have to agree that your posts are not really thought through.
its the second time you have posted nasty comments.
unless you have experienced DV you shouldnt make comments like that!

MrsBucketxx Tue 26-Feb-13 12:46:39

its attitudes like that that dont help any dv cases.

its very complicated especially if there are children involved.

JaquelineHyde Tue 26-Feb-13 13:22:35

rabid I do think that you need to think through your posts before you hit post.

Not only are your comments about battered women offensive but your opeining statement about addicts are also highly offensive. I have worked with both battered women and addicts of all kinds and calling someone a filthy dirty addict is a disgusting attitude to have.

However, I do understand the feelings behind your post.

I really wish that Kyle would stop trying to make everything in her life appear better than it is and suspect her inability to be truthful about Kim's situation is 100% enabling Kim's addiction and allowing Kim to continue living in denial. I am certain this is why she reacted so badly to Brandi pointing out the obvious, as it destroys her perfect family image.

I also cannot stand Taylor and I think she is the worst public figure possible for domestic violence as she herself appears to have quite a vindictive, aggresive personality and is quick to threaten violence when it suits her. Only to withdraw the threats the second she realises she has been caught out...typical abuser behaviour.

I also hate the fact that she is attempting to make money out of abusive relationships by publishing her book. I would fully support this if her motives were honest but pretending you are doing this to help other women when you are clearly only doing it to make money is disgraceful and extracting money from some of the most vulnerable people in society.

I am pretty much sick of Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne who are all quite happy to sling the dirt around and be total bitches but the second they get anything back they say 'thats not nice' or 'that's in the past we dealt with it already' or 'I'm a DV survivor consider that before you say anything mean to me'

All round really, really annoying.

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 26-Feb-13 17:37:33

I think Lisa is the only really likeable one.

Yes, we have ads/sponsored by Scholl fungal treatment for RHOBH too! I thought that was amusing. The RHs would be a bit miffed I think!

thenightsky Tue 26-Feb-13 18:05:28

Kim is still slurring despite the rehab.

JaquelineHyde Tue 26-Feb-13 18:12:42

Yep Kim was clearly still under the influence in that interview, she appeared to get worse as the interview went on.

Yet there was Kyle enabling her over and over again.

ScooseIsLoose Tue 26-Feb-13 18:14:43

I love Lisa she is my hero grin

lemonstartree Tue 26-Feb-13 18:27:19

I like Camille and Lisa. Camille is thoughtful and seems fun; Lisa rocks !

clam Tue 26-Feb-13 18:28:55

There was one bit in one of the recent shows when Kim was being interviewed (in that same vile gold fussy-necked blouse) and she actually hiccupped!

Which reminds me, how come all those "interviews to camera" are filmed with them wearing the same clothes, evenwhen they're talking about events across many weeks/episodes?

<<disclaimer: I've been off-work with a broken leg, hence my over-thinking this>>

PolkadotCircus Tue 26-Feb-13 18:36:30

Just looked at the Reality Tea before they were famous pics.Lisa looks like one of those annoying people with amazing bone structure who will look lovely until the day they cark it.

Taylor with frizzy hair shock

Interesting pic of Camille.

Not liking the comment on one of Lisa's pics re her being a mature woman,she's not much older than me!

clam Tue 26-Feb-13 19:21:32

She's not that old, certainly, but somehow she dresses that way - glamorous, but in a Jackie Collins way. And I think we've covered on here already the "village fete" style of Pandora!
Did the pic of Camille involve a pole? wink

RabidCarrot Tue 26-Feb-13 19:22:31

Taylor told how Russell beat one of their friends unconscious , smashed out his teeth and chucked him in a swimming pool, at that point she should have left, not had a child with someone like that and begged her friends not to report him. (friends were clearly stupid to give in to her and not report him)

She did not leave, she bitched to people about him one minuet then wanted them to like him and she really did not get it that they would not be his friend because she was telling them he was beating her, and not she is on and on about how she wants to make people aware and give woman strength to leave, but she stayed put and let it go on.

Kim in season 3 is clearly still using, feel so sorry for her kids having to put up with her

RabidCarrot Tue 26-Feb-13 19:26:31

Now they are rid of Cedric I wonder if Lisa and Ken would let me be their house guest grin they rock. Looks like in series 3 Ken is in hospital for something sad

ScooseIsLoose Tue 26-Feb-13 20:52:41

Ken has a hip replacement I love him

ujjayi Tue 26-Feb-13 22:35:15

I wonder if Kim is on post-rehab meds? She was talking about suffering with extreme anxiety when not drinking. Some anti-anxiety drugs can cause slurring - particularly if used in certain combinations. I can't decide if it is brave or tragic to live out your life this way on a reality show.

I found the character assassination of Lisa really hard to watch. She handled herself with dignity when she could so easily have got into it with the others. Kyle was particularly vile - totally threw her under the bus IMO. I would be keeping her at a safe distance in future.

MrsCampbellBlack Wed 27-Feb-13 14:02:12

I'd have Lisa's back wink

Feel a bit bereft now its finished. Bet they don't show season 3 for ages and ages sad

Adrienne I'm sure has been poisoned by Berni who is friendly with Cedric - bet she felt a bit of an idiot when she realised how stupid and mean she looked.

I also loved how Lisa said she'd apologised to Brandi re. her comments about game night as she'd been mis-informed about what happened - Kyle's face was a picture.

I do get why Kim is sooo cross with kyle and maurice - they basically seem to have swindled her out of a third share of her late mother's house for a mere $20k.

Lighthousekeeping Wed 27-Feb-13 16:40:11

I bet they are very canny with money. Do you think all their children will be at private schools? --don't know how it works in the states-/. I was hoping that they would run the 3rd season straight away. Is it coming up
On everyone's planner.

I agree re Taylor. She's just comes accross as money/fame hungry and how did she manage to write a book so quickly?

AuntieMaggie Wed 27-Feb-13 17:35:45

ujjayi I think you're right about Kim - she is a fragile person IMO and prescription drugs do funny things to some people.

JaquelineHyde well said. Calling someone a "a filthy addict, a weak worthless addict" is very narrow minded and nasty.

JaquelineHyde Wed 27-Feb-13 19:10:58

Do we have an Atlanta thread??

It's going to be a nasty, showy, money grabbing bitch fest by the looks of it...Perfect grin

ThwartedbyMum Wed 27-Feb-13 19:15:09

Jaqueline There is a new thread to encompass all the real housewives shows a few people have already commented about Atlanta on there

dawntigga Thu 28-Feb-13 13:40:31

Ladies, if you ever get the chance to watch Ex-Wives of Rock I highly recommend it.


Lighthousekeeping Thu 28-Feb-13 15:02:59

Any news about series 3?

I feel like they have all turned on Lisa, and Taylor totally does not understand a British sense of humour. Good to see her just continue to carry herself with dignity. Interesting that she is the only wife to ever offer a genuine apology even if she is not even in the wrong.

I think there is some jealousy as Ken and her have good connections, genuine breeding, a strong relationship and family, a stable business and are actually happy in themselves.

It was obvious to us I think that Lisa was doing some good natured "ribbing" in some of her comments. Taylor is just a bit too self involved to understand.

And for god's sake how many times - Lisa did not say she wasn't Taylor's friend, she said she wouldn't lie and call herself one of her best friends - in other words being upfront and honest...!It makes me shout at the tv everytime she keeps whining on about it.

This strange obsession some American women have about gaining BFF status. i had a manager who was like that. So intrusive. Drove me crazy.

TwllBach Thu 28-Feb-13 18:19:11

I'm watching the reunions and googled brandi.

I had no idea she was 40!!!! I thought she was in her 20s, maybe early 30s at the most.

I like her though, she seems like the only 'real' one.

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