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No OBEM thread this week?

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GettingObsessive Wed 23-Jan-13 21:04:25

Who's watching?

GettingObsessive Wed 23-Jan-13 21:14:22

I think I am v well qualified for a career change as a midwife - sitting here eating biscuits like a production line. They were part of the Christmas presents from the PIL. How did she know that I luffs like the Viennese sandwich ones?

bootsycollins Wed 23-Jan-13 21:14:58

Yo soy multitasking man looks like a footballer

TwelveLeggedWalk Wed 23-Jan-13 21:14:59

Checking in.

Kudos to the nearly-cooked pregnant ones watching here!

Loving the S.American couple.

GettingObsessive Wed 23-Jan-13 21:15:16

grin GroupieGirl

I think we are going to be in floods by the end of this.

eagleray Wed 23-Jan-13 21:15:19

Thanks Bootsy - after all the waiting, I think I'm slightly in shock.

GettingObsessive Wed 23-Jan-13 21:16:50

I think I might want to shove that video camera up his arse by the end of it though.

AnathemaDevice Wed 23-Jan-13 21:19:13

BoomBoomBoom when are you due? I'm due on Monday. Reckon I'm going to go over though, I tend to have well cooked babies.

Good luck for tomorrow, eagleray.

Northern husband isn't as irritating as I first thought.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 23-Jan-13 21:19:42

I'm not keen on Daniel.

BoomBoomBoom Wed 23-Jan-13 21:19:44

Good luck for tomorrow eagleray slightly jealous you will have a newborn soon

ggirl Wed 23-Jan-13 21:20:31

northern twat is annoying me now

bootsycollins Wed 23-Jan-13 21:20:31

Northern husband is more irritating than I first thought, midwife Maud is beautiful!.

eagleray Wed 23-Jan-13 21:20:32

Thanks Anathema

BoomBoomBoom Wed 23-Jan-13 21:20:49

I'm due next Wednesday. I'm not allowed to go over my due date.

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 23-Jan-13 21:21:31

84 outfits? Fuck me.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 23-Jan-13 21:21:35

Jack Daniel. Is that a joke ?

TwelveLeggedWalk Wed 23-Jan-13 21:21:42

OMG at colour co-ordinated outfits for a newborn. She does know they puke, right?

AnathemaDevice Wed 23-Jan-13 21:21:54

Did the midwife say she'd met a man who was 34 and 9 years younger than her? She doesn't look 34 herself.

TwelveLeggedWalk Wed 23-Jan-13 21:22:06

I was hoping so Ken, but I'm not entirely sure...

GettingObsessive Wed 23-Jan-13 21:22:19

Did that MW say that she met a hottie and he was 34 and 9 years younger than her?!

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 23-Jan-13 21:22:48

No she said 24

ggirl Wed 23-Jan-13 21:22:48

maud cannot be 43!?

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 23-Jan-13 21:22:50

Jack Daniel - not a joke, I reckon

eagleray Wed 23-Jan-13 21:23:09

Oh shit - forgot to sort out a name and matching outfits shock will hope baby doesn't notice

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 23-Jan-13 21:23:21

PMSL at Paddington Bear!

EmpireBiscuit Wed 23-Jan-13 21:23:25

40+6 here - thought (and hoped) I'd be watching this weeks knowing what it is like sad

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