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Your weekly OBEM reminder

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BarnYardCow Wed 16-Jan-13 20:42:52

Evening all! Anyone around for tonights episode? Hope you are all in the warm, snuggled up!

recall Wed 16-Jan-13 20:57:26 in

CunningPlan Wed 16-Jan-13 20:59:06

I'm in. DH collecting big socks for my frozen feet.

ImKateandsoismywife Wed 16-Jan-13 21:03:50

I'm in and so happy they have a homebirth on tonight!

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 16-Jan-13 21:04:32

I'm here!

recall Wed 16-Jan-13 21:04:48

get me some

TandB Wed 16-Jan-13 21:04:53

Me too!

recall Wed 16-Jan-13 21:05:21

she has no teeth shock

recall Wed 16-Jan-13 21:05:56

awww Rupert... LOVE that

eagleray Wed 16-Jan-13 21:07:15

due in 2 days and hoping for a home birth - should I be watching this? hmm

juneybean Wed 16-Jan-13 21:07:30

I'm here but at work so suspect I'll miss the end when my bosses come home.

ImKateandsoismywife Wed 16-Jan-13 21:07:49

She has a really unusual accent, did they say where shes from? It sounds like yorkshire mixed with something else!

MrsDeVere Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MikeLitoris Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:22

I cant log in on the laptop so will just be lurking tonight.

legoqueen Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:28

Checking in...

eagleray Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:30

Latvia, according to the OBEM website

ggirl Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:40

she is latvian

recall Wed 16-Jan-13 21:08:54

wonder if she ever paid for that taxi ?

MoottonBun Wed 16-Jan-13 21:09:03

She sounds Polish living in Yorkshire. I love working accents out!

MoottonBun Wed 16-Jan-13 21:09:49


BarnYardCow Wed 16-Jan-13 21:10:09

Phone on a go slow tonight, so probably xpost alert!

TandB Wed 16-Jan-13 21:10:12

I'm a bit Latvian via my Gran.

[random useless fact]

ohmeohmy Wed 16-Jan-13 21:10:45

"a handsome man...downstairs" < snigger>

ScubaSarah Wed 16-Jan-13 21:13:09

Eagleray not sure I'd watch but I guess if you're prepared for the worst then yours will be better :-) good luck, I was wondering how you were doing

sailorsgal Wed 16-Jan-13 21:13:44

I love the name Rupert too. DH said no as it was an army officer's name. hmm

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