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GREEN WING - Julian Rhind-Tutt anyone?

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Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 12:56:04

Is it just me getting all hot under the collar about this guy?

gscrym Thu 20-Apr-06 12:58:30

I think he's lush.

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 13:24:38

thank God I'm not alone! I can't get him out of my head at the moment. I got the 1st series of Green Wing on dvd and have found my self watching that first kiss between him and Caroline several times. Wishing . . .

Get a grip Cadders!

tissy Thu 20-Apr-06 13:25:34


Eowyn Thu 20-Apr-06 13:31:45

yes, but don't you think without the hair he'd be nothing..
or would his coool come thru....

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 13:47:19

no, the hair is a lot of it. and then there's the smile / . . . (getting all dreamy again)

wilbur Thu 20-Apr-06 13:48:15

I was in a play with him at Uni....

CountessDracula Thu 20-Apr-06 13:48:33

oddly I rather fancy him, not my type at all, I don't like blond men or skinny men usually.

beckybrastraps Thu 20-Apr-06 13:48:36

He's in a series on Radio 4, and yes, even without seeing the hair, the cool does come through!

CountessDracula Thu 20-Apr-06 13:49:13

Don't think I would want to shag him though, imagine those horrid skinny pale legs

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 13:50:07

he isn't my tyoe either CD but he does it for me.

Wilbur - you have to give us more details than that . . . come on!

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 13:54:52

they weren't that bad when he was riding that motor bike naked through the halls of the hospital in series one.

wilbur Thu 20-Apr-06 13:56:38

Well, that's it really, we were both doing drama (he was the year above) and I had one brief scene in a play where, IIRC, he called me a slut. He's lovely really - I don't really know him at all, although I used to know him a bit at Uni and he's still close mates with other friends of mine.

wilbur Thu 20-Apr-06 13:58:27

I think he has quite a lively romantic life! One friend described his flat as having a revolving door for the girls.

CountessDracula Thu 20-Apr-06 13:59:49

oh so he is a slapper

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 14:01:39

you don't happen to have the address, do you wilbur?

Cappucino Thu 20-Apr-06 14:10:56

I do like him too

though it's as near as I come to fancying a girl

wilbur Thu 20-Apr-06 14:11:34

Sorry Cadbury, no address! I think he's too charming to be a slapper - one close friend of mine still gets flustered when she sees him as he has that sort of laser beam sexy approach. He was v ill for a while after Uni and I think he decided to live for the moment after that.

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 14:18:06

damn, it isn't just on screen then - that is going to make it all the more difficuly to get him out of my head

Might have to go and watch another episode before the man comes to fiddle with my electricity meter.

lahdeedah Thu 20-Apr-06 14:19:34

I love him too! not my type at all either.

Have read/heard various interviews with him and he seems very cool. Self-deprecating, dry sense of humour, I love all that.

Did anyone here watch Hippies? I loved him as Alex in that - and now, if it's possible, I love him even more as Mac. He's quite good in that thing on Radio 4 as well - what's it called, "The Other Man" or something like that?

zephyrcat Thu 20-Apr-06 14:21:53

I like the other one, Guy I thought it was one of those weird pregnancy things but it hasn't gone away!!

Cadbury Thu 20-Apr-06 14:23:20

euw, don't like him. he makes my skin crawl. your hormones are still probably all over the place - I'd blame that if I were you

MamaG Thu 20-Apr-06 14:28:45

I love him too Cadbury - but Guy?? EWWW! He was once described as the love child of Donkey from Shrek and Jerry Seinfeld, very apt.

zephyrcat Thu 20-Apr-06 15:10:55


morningpaper Thu 20-Apr-06 15:17:22

zephyrcat I agree with you - I have been having truly filthy thoughts about Guy

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