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Furry freak sistas who watch CBB, come hither

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Jellykat Thu 10-Jan-13 21:23:25

Here we are.. don your hats its a new thread grin

ledkr Thu 10-Jan-13 23:54:40

No is the hair clip woman on it? I should be sleeping. I might name change and just nip on say a ride word and bugger off.

ledkr Thu 10-Jan-13 23:54:57

Rude ob ha ha

PickledInAPearTree Thu 10-Jan-13 23:57:45

No she's lyng low.i think we all reported her in between our sledging fun.

catinboots Thu 10-Jan-13 23:59:18

Paula was deffo hammered

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 00:04:45

Sorry pickled I had to post. That woman dies my head in with her breast cancer comments. I'm going to hide thread now though. Night

mrsjay Fri 11-Jan-13 09:32:52

yes i remember that well. lauren didnt even do anything to him

\I liked lauren she really didn't do anything to him did she, but they did say that the hills was scripted so these situations and feuds were all a set up,

Paula Hamilton on BBbots scared me she was drunk wasn't she ?

Bakingnovice Fri 11-Jan-13 09:33:35

Apart from speidi it's sooo dull. Trish is two faced. Rylan is annoying. Razor is vile. The rest lying low to avoid noms. How disappointing.

PickledInAPearTree Fri 11-Jan-13 09:57:18

Yeah it's not a great one this year is it?

nomchangio Fri 11-Jan-13 10:23:32

Redtoothbrush, what comment won't u ever forget re Razor?

Why do so many people love him?? The housemates, the guests on BBbots... He is disgusting and not in a good way. He looks like he smells vile - from all ends.

RedToothbrush Fri 11-Jan-13 13:55:20

KenDoddsDadsDog's one about stale farts. (was two above mine on first page).

nomchangio Fri 11-Jan-13 15:53:06

Ah yes! Agreed.
When r speidi going back in the house? Or are they already back?

noddyholder Fri 11-Jan-13 15:56:12

This will be the end of Rylan

Lighthousekeeping Fri 11-Jan-13 16:53:55


twinklesparkles Fri 11-Jan-13 17:32:16

Love speidi smile
Feel sorry for that sam kid (who is he? is he from a boyband or maybe hollyoaks?) After toady (ryan??) Voted for him. Knew he was gonna do that when sam was sticking up for heidi and spencer... A bit sad really, just cos he wasn't two faced and join in the slagging off with toady (seriously can't remember his name lol)

Looking forward to tonight, loving the new pimped out basement smile

noddyholder Fri 11-Jan-13 20:14:38

Rylan should have stuck with GMTV etc he was doing well in the wake of the x factor but this is overkill. He is irritating with his catch phrases and as soon as this is over he will be a has been before he has even got started.All imo of course I find him uncomfortable to watch desperate

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 21:01:37

Are we ready? I have wine and an asda curry. Rock and roll!

PickledInAPearTree Fri 11-Jan-13 21:02:19

He's like Amy child's a bit. She's all over int she.

evening all

<chants> Ryan ryan ryan ryan ryan grin

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 21:06:30

Pickled. Are you keeping of those breast is best threads

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 11-Jan-13 21:12:00

I have Camomile tea and Hotel Chocolat.

PickledInAPearTree Fri 11-Jan-13 21:12:36

Yes yes! grin

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 11-Jan-13 21:13:13

noddyholder could not agree more

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 21:13:22

Ooo how posh. I'm eating up leftover celebrations. Mini bounty snickers or Milky Way anyone hmm

PickledInAPearTree Fri 11-Jan-13 21:14:22

I can't fit anything in! Couldn't even eat my dinner. Baby taking up too much room.

hope speidi get to do more than that yawn

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