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I have The Big Bang Theory box set and am laughing muchly.

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IslaValargeone Sat 29-Dec-12 14:53:05

I am a latecomer to this, caught a few repeats on E4 and decided I needed to follow it from the start.
Watched the one where Sheldon is stuck on a problem and is in the ball pit with Leonard, laughed till I cried.

fuzzpig Wed 09-Jan-13 16:57:01

That's the same episode as the magic show isn't it? I love the dove pan bit.

meditrina Wed 09-Jan-13 17:02:32

"she's not really getting anything out of that relationship is she?"

No - but remembering the one where they met, and the one where they skyped her mother, she doesn't need to. The relationship with Penny is far more important; to her, to Sheldon and indeed to all the main characters.

We got the box set between Christmas and New Year, and I'm sure my arse is a couple of inches wider from the amount of time it's been parked on the sofa whilst watching.

Nerdy DS wants Sheldon's 3 person chess for his birthday. Somehow I don't think that's going to be possible.

fuzzpig Wed 09-Jan-13 17:28:52

I read a book called the Genius in my Basement about a man called Simin Norton - he also invented a 3 player chess game. Sadly you can't buy it! And I don't think it had a pope or a jetpack in it <boring>

You can get the 3D Star Trek chess though (rare and expensive) or alternatively would he be happy with this as they play it on the show too?

fuzzpig Wed 09-Jan-13 17:30:41

Also I've heard that somebody was going to make a real Mystic Warlords of Ka'a card game but can't find any. sad

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