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Royle Family....worst yet?

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Clawdy Wed 26-Dec-12 09:57:27

The last Christmas specials have been dire. The remaining four main characters are caricatures of themselves,and the complete absence of Denise and Dave's two children (even at their Christmas dinner!!) is ridiculous. It's become crude and embarassing,and Caroline Aherne should have stopped after The Queen Of Sheba,and just left us with fond memories.....

Clawdy Wed 26-Dec-12 14:12:31

Not unless I missed something. In a previous Christmas episode the excuse was that they were at Anthony's for the day which sounded improbable. I think Caroline A.must be regretting ever introducing children into the family set-up now.

millymae Wed 26-Dec-12 14:18:52

It needed to be watched to the end - jim hid a new wedding ring for barbara in the christmas puddings he'd won. I took it to mean that he was an old softie really. Perhaps it was because I'd had a few drinks but I almost cried at the end!. As to Denise's children - who knows? She forgot to pick them up from school one day so they had been taken into care for their own safety.

millymae Wed 26-Dec-12 14:21:05

Oops that last sentence didn't make sense - I meant to say that they could have been taken into care for their own safety.

CalamityKate Wed 26-Dec-12 14:24:48

I thought it was absolutely woeful but I've thought that about all the episodes after The Queen of Sheba.

Jokes are laboured and just go on and on. It's become like some awful sitcom. I used to love it and I could still watch earlier episodes over and over but she's just lost it IMO.

fussychica Wed 26-Dec-12 15:13:53

Crude & awful not Xmas fare IMHO but it takes all sorts.

out2lunch Wed 26-Dec-12 15:19:32

i missed the ending to what happened wrt dave's problem - can anyone tell me?

barbara said right at the very start that she had got all the presents from poundland and been in there for two hours

noddyholder Wed 26-Dec-12 15:21:26

Different take I liked it. Them dressing up as waiters etc was totally not the norm slightly darker and more theatrical

kerstina Wed 26-Dec-12 17:37:23

It seems to have become more slapstick as opposed to when it first started it was more subtle and realistic. I used to think it was like my own family blush Barbara was my favourite character but she seems to have become more stupid but I suppose that can happen. She showed glimpses of her old spirit coming back last night. Perhaps I will like it more if I watched again. I think I felt a bit like that with the ashes one.

Jemma1111 Wed 26-Dec-12 17:49:19

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than watch another episode of that. Absolutely boring and rubbish storyline

I found some of the jokes quite funny, but usually the ones where they sit on the sofa chatting, like the original series.

The waiter scene was a bit surreal.

I enjoyed the caravan one, and Joe's crackers. I was hoping Twiggy might make an appearance though at least.

whistlestopcafe Wed 26-Dec-12 18:05:14

The actor who played Twiggy died recently.

ledkr Wed 26-Dec-12 18:16:18

I agree with whoever said its moved from lovable working class to jezzer Kyle fodder so lost its humour. I have never noticed the filth either. Greas on walls etc it made me feel sick nothing endearing about minging ness

Oh how sad, I loved Twiggy, and Eddie Yates.

whistlestopcafe Wed 26-Dec-12 18:29:22

I quite liked the Philomena character she was sweet and reminded me of Mary.

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 18:33:30

Didn't like cadging Carol or whatever she was called.

usualsuspect3 Wed 26-Dec-12 18:33:45

I loved it.

Mrsrudolphduvall Wed 26-Dec-12 18:36:46

It was shocking.
Denise especially.

CalamityKate Wed 26-Dec-12 18:46:43

Oh god the Philomena character with Joe mispronouncing her name time after time.

Philadelphia.... Filet o'fish.... Really? I mean REALLY??

Lazy, lazy writing.

kerstina Wed 26-Dec-12 19:21:48

I don't think its lazy writing in fact it might be more funny to read the script as the subtler jokes you sometimes miss on first watch. Even at its worst I find the Royles a 1000 times more funny than outnumbered. I actually watched outnumbered the other day without cringing possibly because the children had grown up a bit.

Clawdy Wed 26-Dec-12 21:52:39

Didn't see any subtle jokes...seemed to be all about earwaxy Qtips and skirts tucked in knickers....

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 21:54:51

And Dave's erection problems and Jim's bowels Clawdy. hmm

FannyFifer Wed 26-Dec-12 21:59:10

I have always detested the Royle family, it honestly makes me feel sick to look at them, they give me the total boak. Never been funny.

mrsjay Thu 27-Dec-12 09:29:47

I felt like all the characters have become horribly unpleasant and totally unlikable.

^ ^ this is what I thought they were filthy dirty not just scruffy, barb looked worn down and jim was just disgusting not the usually warm Royale family doesn't caroline ahern like them anymore or something confused, It was grim , I did watch and when she got her wedding ring it was nice i suppose, but...

mrsjay Thu 27-Dec-12 09:32:06

Was there any explanation as to why Denise's kids weren't at Xmas dinner?

they go to daves parents because denise thinks christmas isnt for kids, she said it a few specials ago, and denise is a terrible parent it was funny before but god she is terrible

Sparklingbrook Thu 27-Dec-12 10:39:16

I think they don't want any child actors in it TBH *mrsj. But they could be upstairs/round at Cheryls as an explanation. How old are they supposed to be? I lose track. Was Anthony mentioned at all?

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