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Jeremy Kyle uses a different approach for celebs.

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JingleBellsAllTheWay Wed 19-Dec-12 10:31:09

Normally I don't watch JK as I can't stand the way he screams and bawls at people and I loathe the way he click his fingers at people and calls people dirty little liars, etc.

I watched a little bit of JK this morn as Daniella Westbrook was on his stage. Normally JK shouts and belittles people on his stage but when it's Daniella Westbrook sitting opposite him he uses a different approach, speaking softly and decently.

Daniella speaks of her drug addiction and how she took cocaine throughout her pregnancy and immediately after he was born. Kyle managed to remain composed, not raise his voice and he did not insult her. Why can't he treat all his guests with the same decency?

JingleBellsAllTheWay Wed 19-Dec-12 10:37:32

oops, immediately after her son was born.

JK finished the show by saying '' it's very easy for people to watch the television and have an opinion but fair play to you''(meaning Daniella Westbrook)

I just thought what a condescending hypocrit. The way he speaks to some of his guests is appalling. He is the kind of person who kicks someone when their down. He should keep his own opinions in check.

WildWorld2004 Wed 19-Dec-12 10:44:56

I was watching one with Alex Reid and i thought exactly the same. He was almost feeling sorry for alex reid. If it had been A non 'celebrity' he would have been in their faces shouting at them.

Wuxiapian Sat 22-Dec-12 17:07:42

Putting it plainly and simply: he's an egotistical arsehole.

pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Sat 22-Dec-12 17:23:03

I thought this too, to be hypocritical!

Geekster Sun 23-Dec-12 22:51:58

The man is a complete knob, only brave when his security guards are around, wish someone would get through and punch his lights out.

clam Sun 23-Dec-12 23:12:06

I can't even begin to find words to express how much I loathe the vile and unpleasant hypocrite.
Isn't he the one whose radio programme broadcast thatwedding competition, where two complete strangers "won" a wedding to each other? Strangely enough, the marriage failed, at which point JK shacked up with the bride.
Am I right about this?

WildWorld2004 Mon 24-Dec-12 00:43:08

Yes you are right. His now wife and mother of his kids was the 'bride' in that competition.

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Mon 24-Dec-12 00:56:06

it's because he's a prick. plain and simple. he doesn't have the intelligence to realise that people have memories and can compare his actions on previous shows.

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