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RHONY and RH of OC bingo

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Whitershadeofpale Thu 20-Dec-12 23:05:32

After watching all if the episodes I'm still not entirely sure I know what a toaster oven is blush is it just a grill?

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 18-Dec-12 14:21:47

Is anyone buying a toaster oven as their secret Santa/

valiumredhead Mon 17-Dec-12 13:24:18

Ha ha ha excellent! grin

Whitershadeofpale Sun 16-Dec-12 12:56:42

Quadruple points for I come from a place of yes. Or I'm here and your here with appropriate hand actions.

Parrish Sun 16-Dec-12 12:52:29

I'm on Series 5 of NYC, btw

Parrish Sun 16-Dec-12 12:51:29

Announce you're doing the coffee run...."holla"

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 15-Dec-12 22:38:16

I have a meeting on Monday where I have a need to say 'Own It'
Great idea.

kennyp Fri 14-Dec-12 20:17:07

LOL!!! thaqnks for the tips smile will up the ante next week for sure.
(when not busy taking high road, obviously)

IamMummyhearmeROAR Thu 13-Dec-12 17:32:24

Surely at some point you have to take the high road like Vikki
You've got to throw Yahabibi in there too and throw someone under the bus while avoiding the 'white' elephant in the room

kennyp Wed 12-Dec-12 20:41:43

i have started playing this at work (unfortunately by myself) just to get me through the day.

so far this week i have said "you're the boss, OWN IT" to one woman (all of them)

and "i've got your back" to someone else (classic vicky comment imo)

have got to try and get in "be authentic" by the end of the week for a bingo bonus for me.

"glass of pinot" to be said before 12pm to get ramona bingo points.

any classic vicky/tamra/jill/ramona comments I'm missing!?!?

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