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Is anyone watching Girls

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NotMostPeople Wed 12-Dec-12 10:13:27

I think its the best thing on tv in ages, It's like a gritty sex in the city. None of the glamour but lots of moments to identify with (back in the day).

YouCanBe Wed 12-Dec-12 10:24:17

Weirdly I am watching it right now. I really rate it!

topsyturner Wed 12-Dec-12 10:25:18

Yes , and I have loved it !
Love Amber and Miss Bitch-cock grin

anonacfr Wed 12-Dec-12 12:33:48

Am I the only one who hates it? There was a thread back when it started and I mentioned how much I didn't like it.
I'm weirdly still watching it and still finding it pretentious and self indulgent.

I hate the character of Hannah so much I live in hope that horrible things are going to happen to her.

The others are annoying and vapid- aside from Shoshanna- she was endearing when high on crack.

I still can't figure out if we're meant to like any of them or if they're deliberately unpleasant and entitled. All I can think while watching it is 'die, hipster, die'.

Ok rant over. What can I say I am suffering from Walking Dead withdrawal. I miss Darryl. grin

topsyturner Wed 12-Dec-12 13:36:36

Ok , I've woken up now and realised I misread the thread title .
<backs slowly out of room>

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 12-Dec-12 15:57:14

who is amber and bitch cock grin

i do watch girls, not sure why as find it weird, shes so obv mentally and emotionally abused by her boyfriend sad

poocatcherchampion Wed 12-Dec-12 20:06:30

Watching it now. I can't like it though. I am trying!

Pickles77 Wed 12-Dec-12 20:30:55

What channel? I need something new to sink my teeth into

YouCanBe Wed 12-Dec-12 21:45:56

The characters definitely aren't easy to like, but I appreciate that fact! Many people in their early twenties are annoying idiots. Self-destructive, entitled, deluded, won't leave bad relationships...

Sky Atlantic Pickles, but it has been on for a few weeks now.

Pickles77 Thu 13-Dec-12 13:29:54

Awww I can't get that!

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