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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Thread 6 - all sequins and tafeta and NOOO gossipy stuff getting in the way.

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TheOriginalPan Sun 09-Dec-12 21:16:23


Sparklingbrook Sat 22-Dec-12 18:35:30

Final Thread

Pan Sat 22-Dec-12 18:28:42

should someone start the Final thread now? Save swopping mid-step. Someone who knows how to link?blush

Horsemad Sat 22-Dec-12 18:27:15

Are we all ready? Got the wine & nibbles here...

Pan Sat 22-Dec-12 17:31:07

According to Len's book, it was Erin who tipped the producers off about him. They had the panel set up but were not decided on it finally. Erin suggested they give him a ring, they did, and the rest is history.

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 22-Dec-12 16:57:32

Make sure there's a link please so I can give you the benefit of my wisdom and thoughts tomorrow. grin

AndiMac Sat 22-Dec-12 16:30:08

We are going to need a new thread before the night is over.

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 16:19:25

colour of his hair.BIL

Jingleallthejay Sat 22-Dec-12 16:17:42

watched last year's cbeebies panto with Artem this morning. Nice way to start the weekend.


and yes Danni to win ( although i think kimberly might )

I am debating if i should record it as dd is always in a bit later from work on a saturday and i cant watch and eat and listen to them chattering remember the results at 8 50 tonight smile

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 16:14:58

I can usually see if men have had something done, and I can't with Rod. My BIL has hardly changed, not even the colour and he's 66. Not sure about Rod's hair colour especially, but don't think it's a transplant as too much of it.
He was in the paper playing with his 7 year-old football and wow he can kick his leg high, but heard Ian saying that he should point his toes and Craig saying spatula hands ! I think he's got lucky genes.

ppeatfruit Sat 22-Dec-12 15:40:14

KJ the living barbie doll !!!grin

I was thinking about the comparison between Rod Stewart and the Stones . R.S. is 67 so not much younger but he must have spent a FORTUNE on plastic surgery which the stones haven't done (although I'd think they could afford it) unless the drugs and alcohol have dried them out of money) !!!

Sparklingbrook Sat 22-Dec-12 14:49:53

Oooh yes bisjo. . I have just found Weekend at Bernie's on ITV4, much better.

Pan Sat 22-Dec-12 14:48:09

I think she has a new long playing album in the record shops at the moment.

difficultpickle Sat 22-Dec-12 14:45:30

Sparkling that's what the off button is for grin

Sparklingbrook Sat 22-Dec-12 14:42:36

I have just put the TV on, and there is a programme on called 'Stepping out with Katherine Jenkins, singing and dancing. She is everywhere. angry

ppeatfruit Sat 22-Dec-12 14:19:07

chipstick Louis tries hard but I agree I don't GET him either; Flavia is extraordinarily talented and seems so nice and normal with it, I heart her blush

ppeatfruit Sat 22-Dec-12 14:07:40

yes digerd Kim and Danni on radio 2 yesterday said that it was ALL on the audience vote tonight so the judges will be redundant hmm (but will obviously wave their little paddles!!). sorry if someone else mentioned that upthread!

chipstick10 Sat 22-Dec-12 14:07:38

How do we know that louis gets the most phone votes? And btw I just don't get louis confusedim sure he's very nice but I just don't get it. I like Flavia though.

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:51:12

I'm just imagining Louis with a little boy quivering lip, if he is eliminated.

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:48:41

Judging by my surprise emotional blubbing when Lisa left last week.

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 22-Dec-12 13:46:18

This is the first year I've followed it properly so I've no idea about the final.

I just know dd will be devastated if Dani doesn't win and I'll be devastated if Denise does.

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:34:51

Whatever, I shall have my tissues ready for the losers < I shall be emotionally drained with 3 losing tonight>

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:29:53

True. But still not sure about 3 being in the end final. I thought they eliminated 2 not just one?

MaryChristmaZEverybody Sat 22-Dec-12 13:25:47

That's what I thought digerd. I assume it is to avoid the awful business of one couple spending hours preparing a show dance and not being able to perform it, as has happened in previous years and which is, imo, just downright mean.

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:25:02

3 in the end final ??

digerd Sat 22-Dec-12 13:22:49

If my info is correct, in the 1st part, the showdance and the judges' choice will be danced by all 4
2nd part , one pair will be eliminated.
Then the last 3 will dance their choice.
Then the public vote for their favourite.
Enjoy your wine and nibbles

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