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Why doesn't EE Bianca ever seem to know about or claim any benefits?

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YouOldTinsellySlag Sat 08-Dec-12 22:47:51

I mean she went to prison for stealing after being too poor to give the kids more than one fishfinger each, and couldn't make the rent or buy food.

This time round she is spending all day working for Tanya for tips only, just so she can save for a Christmas Tree which must cost less than £20. Is this Victorian times? Will she be giving her kids roast budgie on Christmas Day because she messed up Denise's fringe or some such?

Surely she could be claiming tax credits, income support, child benefit and Housing Benefit instead of working all day for a possible fiver off a grateful customer?

Why can't the writer's get these basics right? it's 2012, not 1812.

HipposGoBerserk Mon 10-Dec-12 23:00:42

It's because the scriptwriters live in large houses in north London and have no bloody idea. They don't need to be realistic, if the pay cheques come in anyway.

kickassangel Tue 11-Dec-12 00:02:14

Oh dear Lord. It is many, many, years since I watched EE and I KNEW who Phil's son was in a heartbeat.

Why can't my brain just dump useless info like that and then retain stuff I need to know?

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