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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Thread 5: Blingtastic!

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AndiMac Sat 08-Dec-12 10:35:08

Godets, ruffles, THOUSANDS of sequins, all for your dance viewing pleasure!

AndiMac Wed 12-Dec-12 11:35:02

As previously stated, I'm happy to answer any PMs sent to me about the gossip, but I'm not going to go and chase everyone down who puts a plea for a PM, there's far too many.

LottieJenkins Thu 13-Dec-12 07:51:13

Can I have the gossip please!!!!!!!!!!!

Doinmummy Thu 13-Dec-12 21:35:01

De lurking.. Can someone PM me with the goss please?

RamblingRosa Thu 13-Dec-12 22:26:01

Thanks AndiMac for gossip....although I'm not entirely convinced thanks

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