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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Thread 5: Blingtastic!

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AndiMac Sat 08-Dec-12 10:35:08

Godets, ruffles, THOUSANDS of sequins, all for your dance viewing pleasure!

Horsemad Sat 08-Dec-12 10:40:46

Thanks Andi

Biscuitsandtinsel Sat 08-Dec-12 10:50:29

Marking my place....

OodKingWenceslas Sat 08-Dec-12 10:52:50

Marking my place

Horsemad Sat 08-Dec-12 11:39:59

Gah! I missed the end of Saturday Kitchen! Was it Food Heaven or Hell for Brendan, anyone know?

OodKingWenceslas Sat 08-Dec-12 12:07:30

I missed if too!

ceebeegeebies Sat 08-Dec-12 12:36:59

marking my place smile although I am more of a lurker than a poster wink

Horsemad Sat 08-Dec-12 13:53:26

Aaarrghhh, it's a dis-aarst- arr!! DH has just informed me we are out this evening! I'll have to record it sad and watch it before bed.

AndiMac Sat 08-Dec-12 14:06:25

I'm out this evening too, so will catch up the thread at some point, hopefully before tomorrow's dance-off.

I just watched DVO fit herself into a suitcase from Thursday's It Takes Two. I have new found respect for her, that was hilarious!

Yama Sat 08-Dec-12 14:11:12

They (judges and professional dancers) were all on a CBBC programme the other day. The one where they say what life was like when they were 12.

Craig sang a whole verse of Dancing Queen and Bruno loved the Rolling Stones. Go figure.

Iain (of Iain and Hacker) narrates.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sat 08-Dec-12 14:21:07

Marking place and looking forward to tonight!

AmIthatTinselly Sat 08-Dec-12 15:40:23

Also marking my place for tonight. I do like to watch, MN and DS at the same time.

Think it might be Lisa's time to go tonight. As long as the lovely Pasha stays in for another week

frankinsensible Sat 08-Dec-12 16:59:09

No no Tinselly, it's already decided that Nicky is going tonight. 'Tis my belief that Lisa will stay in for the Final but not everyone agrees. It's also my belief that you only have two more weeks of Pasha-passion so make the most of it. grin

digerd Sat 08-Dec-12 17:08:25

I too think Lisa's fan club will keep her in, but Nicky is doing some lovely lifts in his American Smooth - and Fred Astaire type moves.

AmIthatTinselly Sat 08-Dec-12 17:20:32

I wouldn't mind if Nicky went tonight, as I am not keen on Karen "fingers twinkling along the phone number while tilting her head" Hauer.

I am also getting ready to explode when DVO does the hand/phone thing


frankinsensible Sat 08-Dec-12 17:26:22

digerd, I think it's too late for Nicky to make up for the lack of public support really. The only way he could survive would be if Lisa did end up on the dance off in which case the judges would probably go with Nicky. It's going to be fascinating to see who else is in the dance-off with him - I'm expecting it to be Kimberley but I think everyone except Louis will be sick with nerves waiting for the results.

frankinsensible Sat 08-Dec-12 17:28:50

Karen is a bit odd isn't she? I think Nicky would be better off going really before she tries to stuff him into a suitcase!

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 08-Dec-12 17:40:24

Thanks AndiMac.

I don't know when I'll catch up. Tomorrow we are taking the dcs to see Father Christmas an hour and a half away. I think I know what I'll be doing while they're at school on Monday! grin

I think Lisa will go tonight or Kimberley but I hope it's Nicky.

MsInterpret Sat 08-Dec-12 17:53:31

I wish Lisa would go tonight - def seems the weakest dancer now to me. But I think it'll be Kimble & Nicky in the dance off so probably Nicky but it might be tight!

Would like it iif there was a real shocking turn-up for the books though!

digerd Sat 08-Dec-12 18:04:23

Agree, and can't stop laughing at Karen and the suitcase remark ! Think you're right there too < grinning face>. Love it, still laughing

frankinsensible Sat 08-Dec-12 18:07:58

digerd grin Definitely got that vibe about her...expect a complete meltdown if they go out.

TheOriginalPan Sat 08-Dec-12 18:48:52

<Polishes cubans..>

AmIthatTinselly Sat 08-Dec-12 18:51:19

ooh, now I really hope Nicky goes, to see Karen's face

<yes I'm evil>

digerd Sat 08-Dec-12 18:53:17

Less than 10 mins to go. Just eating my dinner before it starts. I also saw DVO folding herself into that suitcase and James dragging the case off with a bit of her hair sticking out. Could visualise Karen doing that with Nicky.
Don't know if it's an act, as seems a bit OTT to me.

TheOriginalPan Sat 08-Dec-12 18:55:14

Brucie's suit is

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