Chatty Man tonight did you see it? Jessie J's outfit!!!

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CuriousMama Sat 08-Dec-12 01:01:00

grin You're too kind. I might get mugged in the street though with people thinking I'm Jessie J, I have the fringe after all.

supersalstrawberry Sat 08-Dec-12 00:57:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CuriousMama Sat 08-Dec-12 00:41:06

I know that's exactly what it looked like. Wasn't even nice though. Those white tights!

pinkandsparklytoo Sat 08-Dec-12 00:24:52

I think she forgot her trousers.

CuriousMama Sat 08-Dec-12 00:05:41

WTF?? I couldn't believe what I was seeing?

I know I'm not that up with the latest fashion but where in the world is that look good?

And the song was shite too.

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