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Crime Stories

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MrsJingleBells74 Fri 07-Dec-12 06:45:12

Is really bad but I'm compelled to watch it. Am also wondering if it was set up solely for out of work Soap actors?

purplerainbow Fri 07-Dec-12 07:06:28

Hahaha me too! Its crap!! Actors trying to make it looked real and not that they are 'acting'. I watch it...think its crap but have to keep watching!!

Ghostsgowoooh Fri 07-Dec-12 14:45:40

Ha ha it's awful isn't it but strangely compulsive viewing. It's spot the actor, I saw Mandy from holly oaks yesterday. Bet that was strange acting beside Ben who played her brother in hollyoaks.

I have a crush on Ben blush

MrsJingleBells74 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:48:20

I used to really fancy him when he was Lewis in Hollyoakes (before he went bad). Not so much now, he's got funny teeth.

Ghostsgowoooh Fri 07-Dec-12 14:53:10

He was lush in hollyoaks. I think he must be in his late thirties by now

Pickles77 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:53:53

Me too!!!

MrsJingleBells74 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:57:23

Hello Pickles been thinking about you, how are you getting on?

Pickles77 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:59:49

Hello smile
Not too great with the ex,'it's looking more legal now.
Dd is a bit poorly but on the whole rather good and well here.
How are you?

MrsJingleBells74 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:06:30

Sorry to hear things not so great with the ex, hope it's resolved soon.

Glad things are generally going well though.

We're ok, DS2 has just had bronchiolitis, DS1 now has a nasty cold but apart from that all is well grin

Pickles77 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:09:47

Glad to hear your well.
Ex is insignificant when my snuffly cuddly DD is fast asleep on me!
See I have to watch crime stories as ive been pinned down!

MrsJingleBells74 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:33:01

Me too, Bertie is a total Velcro baby, no matter how fast asleep he is, the minute I put him down somewhere he wakes up & cries.

I've taken to recording Crime Storiesblush

Pickles77 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:51:22

Now... You shouldn't admit that smile

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