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Solar Mamas

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LornMowa Tue 04-Dec-12 18:36:55

Did anyone catch this documentary? I found it fascinating although I would have loved to know more about how the women feel about their amazing adventure and getting to know women from all around the world.

The women are illiterate or have very little education but are given the chance to spend 6 months in India at the Barefoot College being taught how to build and maintain solar lighting units.

Solar Mamas BBC4

jessiegeesusinamanger Tue 04-Dec-12 19:07:15

I watched it on iplayer yesterday and agree it was fascinating. I'd love to know how things go in future. I felt so sorry for the woman from Jordan whose husband and family were putting her under so much pressure to come home. She really called his bluff by saying he could do what he wanted and continued on her course. It was so touching when the other women welcomed her back to the College again and were helping her catch up with what she'd missed.

It really makes you think when you see the repression and inequality so many women have to live with. And the amount of potential that goes to waste in so many places.

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