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The Good Wife?

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gilmoregirl Tue 27-Nov-12 18:33:46

Does anyone know if we will get the new series of the Good Wife in the UK?

It usually starts about this time of year but I have not seen any mention of it this year sad

tribpot Sat 09-Mar-13 18:37:38

I heart Amanda Peet too. I'm glad last week's ep was just to introduce her. Although ... couldn't you picture her ending up with Peter because she obviously isn't interested in him or his world? I could imagine that being quite compelling for him.

Cary's backstory was good - and no bloody Mr Kalinda thank god!

The Maddie revelation was unexpected, I thought she was sincere about having only just decided to get in the race.

Christina Ricci - rubbish 'shocker' jokes, and a character that never really made any sense.

SpanishFly Tue 12-Mar-13 15:00:20

Hated this episode. Hate when they have a famous guest star and make it all a bit silly

northender Tue 12-Mar-13 17:39:14

I liked the episode apart from the silly "comic" bits. Am becoming torn between Will and Cary but Cary has won for the last couple of weeks grin. Liked him playing things straight while Alicia used her influence with Peter.

SpanishFly Tue 12-Mar-13 18:20:11

ugh, Will is NOT attractive - why do so few of you believe me?!! smile
I always thought Cary was sweet, but lately I've revised that to "hot"...

I just hated that Cristina Ricci's acting was AWFUL, tho jokes were cringey, etc etc. And Alicia saying she found some of her jokes funny didnt seem believable, really. And the jokey car horns blaring every time she said something rude in court - it was just all silly, not what we're expecting from this show. It was just all a bit Ally McBeal.

Thank heavens for no Marc Warren this week, though.

AllOverIt Wed 13-Mar-13 13:09:41

I agree Spanish, Will is not attractive. At all.

Cary on the other hand....! wink

Hate the Kalinda husband storyline.

Love it when Alicia gets the giggles <girl crush>

Italiangreyhound Thu 14-Mar-13 23:25:18

I can't believe that the blond in the Good Wife was that dark hairded girl from mermaids, Christina Ricci! What a surprise! No surprise on the Maddie thing, knew she was up to no good.

Tonight! Shock horror. Poor Cary, I know it's not real but please get that bastard husband of Kalinda's out of there. TOO crap for words!

Tonight's storyline was good.

I recognise this week's judge, who was he??

Not one of the famous ones!

Italiangreyhound Thu 14-Mar-13 23:29:49

Oh yes, Independence Day.

fiftyval Fri 15-Mar-13 11:39:06

Italiangreyhound - last night's judge was Judd Hirsch who was in 'Taxi'

Italiangreyhound Fri 15-Mar-13 17:11:32

Ah yes! Thank you fiftyval.

Have just started watching Nashville but it's not nearly as good as the Good Wife. The clues in the name!

AllOverIt Sat 16-Mar-13 07:56:18

Poor Cary sad

tribpot Sat 16-Mar-13 16:06:18

Best review of the Kalinda storyline from Kalinda herself

Will - you've been absent from work
Her - personal stuff. Boring.


And now she's sleeping with him again? I thought she told him to go f**k himself? Methinks this may be due to dodgy editing in order to get the story to end quicker.

AllOverIt Sun 17-Mar-13 16:59:48

I haven't chatted to anyone who likes the Kalinda storyline. It's pants!

SpanishFly Mon 18-Mar-13 23:37:26

It's horrendous. And him being jealous of Cary kind of appeared from nowhere. It's all a bit shoddy.

tribpot Tue 19-Mar-13 07:46:40

I guess they wanted him to do something for which he could then be banged up / removed from the plot. But why not just make him GO AWAY? Blake vanished without explanation simply for mentioning this tosser's existence!

SpanishFly Tue 19-Mar-13 07:51:52

Hopefully that's what happens next. Pleeeease don't drag out a court case. Cary doesn't know hes kalinda's husband, does he?

tribpot Tue 19-Mar-13 11:30:40

No, no-one knows except Alicia. But more to the point: no-one cares! God this must be one of the worst plots ever.

JackieTheFart Tue 19-Mar-13 16:54:49

I'm glad you're all finding the Kalinda story so boring. I thought it was just me! I love Kalinda, and at the end of last series I'm sure she was scared of the husband turning up. Now he's turned up, they've had a few aggressive tussles and are apparently back together?

It is boring and serves no purpose. I also don't especially like the actor playing him even though up until ten minutes ago I thought it was Neil Stuke

I want to see more of Grace and <insert the son's name here>

BookFairy Tue 19-Mar-13 22:15:21

Great episode, aside from Kalinda's husband. I agree that he should just slope off quietly with no further mention of his existence. I like the new Grace story. I sense something is going to happen with the school bad boy/loner/heart throb. Interesting moment at the end with Alicia and Grace sitting together. The Good Wife does those heavy with meaning moments v well.

Bue Tue 19-Mar-13 22:37:27

tribpot grin Bang on! I am pretty sure we've only got a couple of hubby episodes left though.

I have such a girl crush on Amanda Peet. I can't believe she is 41!

I found last week's episode interesting because I think it's the first time I have ever actively disliked the Lockhart Gardner gang. We are conditioned to always be on their side, and yet, although they were legally correct, I found their actions in forcing Cary's 'friend' and the woman from AA to testify pretty despicable. Anyone else think the decision to pursue the judge is going to seriously come back to bite them in the ass with the judicial community?

HalleLouja Thu 21-Mar-13 12:56:36

Amanda Peet is 41 - I want her secret!

SpanishFly Thu 21-Mar-13 17:03:42

She REALLY reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker - she doesn't really LOOK like her but her mannerisms, build, hair etc are v like her

VictorTango Thu 21-Mar-13 17:05:53

They cut Kalinidas husband out of it three episodes early because of viewers hating the story line. So not long left!

HalleLouja Sat 23-Mar-13 14:42:19

Whoop. I do quite like the actor who plays her husband he was in Hustle and I liked Hustle especially Adrian Lester.

The bit with the high supreme judge on TV at the end was good. Not sure I am a fan of P & A getting back together. Am in team Willicia.

SpanishFly Mon 25-Mar-13 10:25:23

Yeah Marc Warren. He's great in Mad Dogs (starting again 1st April btw!)

HalleLouja Mon 25-Mar-13 11:24:57

Is Mad Dogs worth a watch?

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