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What was this bizarre show called?

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QuietNinjaTardis Wed 21-Nov-12 22:56:27

I've just watched the first episode of the second series on 4od <saddo alert> 'twas quite funny! grin

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 21-Nov-12 22:23:10

oh, yes, it also says she presents in the Hub on This Morning!

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 21-Nov-12 22:22:28

Have just googled, the lady was and presents take me out aftershow. Used to do Glitterball. She worked in TV at the time (on fringes but looking for big break); a friend knew her.

I'd ACE Mastermind if my specialist subject was shite tv.

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 21-Nov-12 22:20:17

It was Mexican-ish. The ranch was el Rancho Macho.
I remember the song.

The chosen chap was ex Mr Gay UK, wasn't he?

sausagesandwich34 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:54:02

ignore me, totally different show blush

sausagesandwich34 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:52:10

wasn't it queer eye for the straight guy?

QuietNinjaTardis Wed 21-Nov-12 21:51:12

I've just googled and come up with a second series?!

QuietNinjaTardis Wed 21-Nov-12 21:49:45

I remember this. I loved it and wanted them to do another series. Think she was a complete twonk for picking the guy she didn't fancy to be safe!

hellymelly Tue 20-Nov-12 21:29:12

I think he may have been a builder, he had mahoosive muscles anyway. Am I imagining it or did he share the prize money with her when he won? I remember feeling very sorry for the one who seemed really smitten with her though.

coldcupoftea Tue 20-Nov-12 16:44:51

It was playing it straight and the woman who was on it is now some kind of tv presenter I think ( saw her interviewed on This Morning recently but can't remember why!)

KurriKurri Tue 20-Nov-12 16:40:03

Yes could have been in Mexico, I seem to have an image of Mexican hats and ponchos in my head (but that could just as easily be caused by senility rather than actual memory grin)

Was the guy she chose in the end a builder? (he'd gone on to prove that you could be gay and a builder, in case anyone thought that was such an outlandish concept it wasn't possible)

hellymelly Tue 20-Nov-12 15:41:44

Were they in Mexico maybe?

KurriKurri Tue 20-Nov-12 15:32:29

Oh I remember this - gosh was it really that long ago it was on? <feels ancient>
I seem to remember they had a sort of Mariachi style singer doing little song links grin

hellymelly Mon 19-Nov-12 23:17:00

I didn't see the US one. But the other night there was a woman on tv who I think was probably the one on the show and that reminded me. I have vague memories of a man who clearly fancied her like mad and yet her choosing the very muscley and really lovely bloke who clearly did not go for ladies. I was either pregnant or had a new baby at the time, and was watching a lot of tv!

DorsetKnob Mon 19-Nov-12 09:28:49

Playing it Straight.

complexnumber Mon 19-Nov-12 09:22:48

I remember the American version where the eventual winner broke his arm when they had to arm wrestle. Yuk!

SkipTheLightFanjango Sun 18-Nov-12 23:15:02

Playing it Straight??

hellymelly Sun 18-Nov-12 23:12:37

No I didn't imagine this, but remember watching a dating type show, where there was one girl and lots of men, and the girl had to work out which of the men were gay, and find a straight one she wanted to date, to win the prize for both of them. If a gay man won I think he got the whole cash prize. The girl had dark hair. I only saw a bit of it, i think it was about 7 years ago, just after the first Big Brother maybe. I can hardly believe that it was real, but do remember it quiet clearly.

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