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Hej og hilser velkommen.

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ImperialBlether Sat 17-Nov-12 14:57:30

It's on tonight! Get your herrings and your jumpers and your tattoo of Troels on show and join me on the sofa for series 3 of The Killing.

ClaraDeLaNoche Tue 11-Dec-12 13:54:39

Skandi you may not be a model by Danish standards but in the UK you are probably schwing.

Yes TheOne the PA guy is a bit obvious isn't he?

Poor Mark, imagine when he got the call "Ja, you are going to be in Forbrydelson 3". So he goes out and buys a new skateboard. Then he gets the script...

GingersarealwaysToms Tue 11-Dec-12 15:57:06

Caught up with eps 7&8 last night .... ooooh, how said I feel at having missed first 2 series, and reading spoiler in stupid article in The Grauniad.

Reinhardt's motive in being Louise's killer is that he's a perv? But is he also involved as killer 2? Does he have something to gain at Zeeland by Robert unravelling? (He was very cold when Robert was ripping up the painting and smashing the place up, this was a really big pointy finger at him, imho.)

Is it possible Louise stumbled upon a secret somewhere regarding Zeeland and so had to be bumped off, Reinhardt & Karen were shagging and he asked for her help, Kamper's son was a witness & also had to be disposed of?

Is it no coincidence that Lund's son has gone awol?

Sort of agree about just what a Renaissance man killer 2 has to be to achieve (if that's the word) what he has, but it's a bit like the millennium trilogy. We have to allow a bit of artistic licence, no?

skandi1 Tue 11-Dec-12 16:05:14

Clara. If only could see... Haha.

I need to refrain from commenting on any part of it because I don't want to ruin it for you on Saturday. You have no idea. You will be left in a state of shock.

GingersarealwaysToms Tue 11-Dec-12 16:20:43

volcan I was lost as to Louise's Dad's strength of feeling but felt Saturday's eps explained a bit more. Louise's mum's landlady said that someone turned up and was surprised to hear of Louise's existence. So he goes to find his lost love, she's no longer with us BUT he does have a daughter, goes to find her and .......

skandi1 do they really tie up all the loose ends? If so it is beautifully plotted . Can't wait for Saturday night. smile

skandi1 Tue 11-Dec-12 16:49:31

Yes. All loose ends come together in a most unexpected way.

TheOneWithTheHair Tue 11-Dec-12 17:22:26

Oh it's so unfair!
<wails like an infant>

I'm going to see The Hobbit on Saturday night.

I have a sneaky suspicion that dh and I will be having a very late night as we're bound to watch it when we get home.

SminkoPinko Tue 11-Dec-12 19:43:08

Is it sad, skandi1? [worried]

skandi1 Tue 11-Dec-12 21:52:17

I will reveal nothing!!

As they say: "vaent og se"

ClaraDeLaNoche Tue 11-Dec-12 22:14:57

Vaent og se happy or vaent og se sad?

Smeggnog Tue 11-Dec-12 22:23:01

Um. Skandi I have a really bad feeling now. I've thought of my worst case scenarios and which one I would be most upset at. I won't say, but they all involve Lund, obviously.

I won't be able to watch it as it airs and I have visitors on Sunday as well, so will have to wait till Sunday evening till I watch it. Aargh!

AViewfromtheFridge Tue 11-Dec-12 22:23:51

Clara, I love "Zeelander"!

AgentProvocateur Tue 11-Dec-12 22:25:53

Is it terrible to hope that DH's cold manflu gets worse so that we can cancel our night out and stay in and watch it? wink

ClaraDeLaNoche Wed 12-Dec-12 19:24:40

Would you sacrifice Sarah for Emilie? Hate to say it but I think that's the ending. Also what about Zoolander hooking up with ex wife,very sad. I can see why she wants to but it's not going to bring her back. Sob.

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Wed 12-Dec-12 19:32:28

Would you sacrifice Sarah for Mark? For Mark and Eva's baby? For Borch?

<head explodes>.

crunchbag Wed 12-Dec-12 21:17:39

Any ideas for Danish snacks for the finale?

ClaraDeLaNoche Wed 12-Dec-12 21:37:27

Danish pastry from M and S. No fish allowed in the living room.


ClaraDeLaNoche Wed 12-Dec-12 21:40:58

Fecking iPhone! Blooming DH doesn't watch it and I am out on Fri night so can't really sod off for another night as he works away all week. I fear I may be watching some other shite on National Geographic. My heart will be in Denmark.

ClaraDeLaNoche Thu 13-Dec-12 15:44:24

Where is everybody had the kidnapper got you?

Just taken call from DMIL who told me she has got me the DVD I asked her for Christmas, Kevin Bridges. Only problem is I asked her for The Bridge. Fail.

DonkeysInTheStableAtMidnight Thu 13-Dec-12 17:43:31

Tiny bit apprehensive someone will blurt out spoilers (peeks through fingers).

Bad luck about the DVD!

MooMinCow Fri 14-Dec-12 16:04:25

Haha something a bit light hearted about Lund here

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 14-Dec-12 16:13:23

Brilliant thanks MooMinCow. grin

MooMinCow Fri 14-Dec-12 16:16:15

You're welcome TheOne. Am gutted I have to miss tomorrow's episodes as have a night out, so will be sitting on my hands, not Googling or on this thread until I catch up on Iplayer confused

Damn all these Xmas socials!

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 14-Dec-12 18:09:47

Me too. In fact I think a few on here are out tomorrow.

Dh will make me watch it when we get in though so it'll be a very late night. Good job the dcs are at my in-law's for the night.

AgentProvocateur Sat 15-Dec-12 00:13:38

I think all us Sunday watchers should start a separate thread. I'll be hiding this one till I've seen it, just in case I see a spoiler.

SminkoPinko Sat 15-Dec-12 07:31:23

Can't wait till tonight!

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