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Watching young apprentice

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YDdraigGoch Fri 16-Nov-12 18:36:46

I don't imagine any of them have many friends in school! They are all far too full of themselves.
Good business sense, but their general knowledge is appalling. Didn't know what a candelabra was, or any German makes if car!

GinandChocolate Fri 16-Nov-12 18:32:03

Stupid auto correct on phone -sorry for typos

GinandChocolate Fri 16-Nov-12 18:31:15

It isn't just David. A number if them seem to have ingrained gender stereotypes which they apply to themselves as we'll as the others.

I am very shocked. Some of there attitudes would never be tolerated where I work.

giraffesCantLightFireworks Fri 16-Nov-12 17:41:56

David is so sexist!!

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