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Why am I addicted to Real Housewives of NYC?

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Littlemisspoorly Fri 02-Nov-12 16:52:15

I shout at the TV and they all seem like back stabbing bitches...but I'm hooked!

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 07-Dec-12 09:41:05

Reckon the English one is an MNetter?

valiumredhead Fri 07-Dec-12 09:43:48

Really, what makes you say that?!

MrsBucketxx Fri 07-Dec-12 09:53:59

shes a mum maybe

they just seem a bit classier, but i could be wrong.

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 07-Dec-12 10:02:10

She's y self deprecating and sarcastic .

magentastardust Fri 07-Dec-12 12:36:58

When did Luanne and Carole fall out? In Luannes blog she says she is sorry that their freindship didn't work out??

valiumredhead Fri 07-Dec-12 12:51:26

What blog? <interested> Link please!

EggNogRules Fri 07-Dec-12 13:21:16

Bravo RHONY Blogs. HWs write a commentary about each espisode. Carole's are fab.

Luanne was annoyed that Carole showed her up in asking for a dress from her friends. In Carole's blog, she explains that Luanne asked for an introduction so she could ask to borrow earrings; at that meeting Luanne also asked for a dress from the jewellery maker's husband. The Jewellery maker was shown on the show telling Carole - she was clearly put out and thought it was rude. Carole talked to Luanne about it on a later episode.

At the reunion, Luanne gets annoyed about the newbies bits to camera. As Carole correctly states (imho), the entire show is in the public domain and HWs can respond in their own blog/ the reunion/ IRL just kidding. Luanne was trying to deflect the pirate shenanigans.

valiumredhead Sat 08-Dec-12 17:03:17

Ooooo thanks!!

Love the new series but pissed off there was no end of series showdown for NY sad

cheekybaubles Sun 09-Dec-12 06:07:25

Yeh, what happened to the reunion?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 09-Dec-12 07:26:21

I love the reunions!

LightHousekeeping Sun 09-Dec-12 22:02:20

I missed Thursday and Fridays, just catching up. Avivas father is such a perve why does he keeping leching around his own daughter. He said he was a woman that is the double of Aviva but has black skin. He said it about three times as well. Christ and his oversized teeth are making me boak.

I dont remotely feel sorry for Sonja and her crocodile tears at all. Did you hear her say that before she met her ex she had two New York appartments and a house in Beverley Hills? she is a very wealthy woman. Im sure I read somewhere shes due to get $100. Jills sister gave her loads of free advice last season. Where is her daughter? is she at boarding school? shes certainly not seen or heard.

Righty, must get back to the pervey father.

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 08:31:58

Her Father said 'You know what they say, incest is best' shock

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 08:33:36

I am sure it is Sonja's film company that went bankrupt not actually her personally.

Her house is worth MILLIONS, it's five floors shock - she could sell that and buy an apartment and never have to work again. She is choosing to stay there.

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 10-Dec-12 08:38:45

Aviva's father is really creepy - I would not like to be cornered by him.
Can we find the reunion on the net and set a viewing time to watch together over Christmas? smile

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 08:47:57

Ooooo yes! grin

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 10-Dec-12 09:29:52

I will do Pinot and non carb New York snacks.

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Mon 10-Dec-12 09:34:53

Loving the new series! But I miss the old girls in NY.

EggNogRules Mon 10-Dec-12 09:41:36

I'm in. I've been having problems getting them so I'll enlist DH to help.

Sonja backed out of a film due to her divorce and was successfully sued for £7m by the film company. She has properties all over; she said to LuAnne that she was looking to sell her house in France first. She is waiting on a £10m divorce settlement.

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 10:02:12

Saw an ad for RHOBH last night - coming after Xmas!!!!

RabidCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 11:26:59

Just caught a bit of the DC one,
What a bunch of freaks, I think they are going to be the worst bitches yet

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 11:39:58

Cat is dreadful - especially when she talks about her dh's work! shock

daisydoodoo Mon 10-Dec-12 13:18:27

ive watched two episodes of the dc one and i just cant get into it at all.

Im a little bit too excited that bh will be back after xmas grin

valiumredhead Mon 10-Dec-12 13:24:05

Keep going - it has just started to get better!

daisydoodoo Mon 10-Dec-12 13:41:46

ok, i'll keep going!

vjg13 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:45:14

The British one is coming across really badly, she never knows when to stop talking!

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