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Corrie-a couple of questions

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Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:25:25

Got a bit embroiled in the Omnibus having not watched for years.

Where is Sally Webster?
Where is Roy cropper's wife Hayley?
Why are Nigel Havers and Barbara Royle that funny colour?

ditavonteesed Sat 27-Oct-12 09:27:47

sally is still there.
Hayley is in America looking after roys mother.
fake tan.

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:30:33

Thanks dita, But Sally and Kevin aren't together then? Where is she living? Why can't Roy look after his own mother? confused

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:36:19

Kevin's a funny colour too. confused

ditavonteesed Sat 27-Oct-12 09:41:45

kevin had an affair with Molly (who died) and they had a baby, sally chucked him out, sally still in house, dont know where kevin lives. Roy and hayley went together but he has just come back, missed the bit where they explained why.
Are you sure the contrast is not out on your telly?

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:44:46

It could be dita. It's all a bit dark. grin Kevin looks like he needs a bath.

Tracey Barlow is just hmm isn't she? And her from Hearsay.

ditavonteesed Sat 27-Oct-12 09:47:09

some very very bad acting and excessively cheesy characters,, her from hearsays son is possibly the worst actor ever known. think kev and sal are going to get back together to help poor sophie. More comedy than soap tbf.

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:49:12

Sally's turned up. Yay!

Didn't Kevin and Molly have a baby? Where is it?

BloodRedAlienReflux Sat 27-Oct-12 09:51:00

so agree that Ryan is the worst actor ever to disgrace corries cobbles, even worse than dev! (where is Dev?)
and I too wondered about Kevins tramp look?!

BloodRedAlienReflux Sat 27-Oct-12 09:51:55

Kevin's got mollys baby, not that you ever see it, wish I had a soap kid, they are always somewhere else smile

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:53:26

Oh right Blood. He was sat in the Rovers on his own when he got the call about Sophie.

Is Barbara Royle ill? I missed whatever she said to Nigel Havers.

Kevin is back in his old house, the one next to the corner shop, he and Sally had swapped it years ago with Ashley and Claire, it got wrecked in the tram crash in which Ashley died, Claire emigrated, it was sold to Lloyd, then Steve then Kevin bought it back recently

Gloria returned from living in Spain a few weeks ago, Lewis and Audrey are just back from a cruise, hence their tans.

Roys mum lives with a rich man in California, Mary won flights to America in a competition and gave them to the Croppers to visit them and offered to help in the cafe while they were away, she ran a series of theme nighst which were very successful, the last two she used Roys flat for overspill seating. Roys mum had an accident so Roy and Hayley changed flights, Roy came back early and Hayley stayed in USA to help.

It is better than Doctors. Just.

Oh and the theme nights decimated takings in Nicks bistro hence Kylie dobbing them in to the council

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:56:31

Oooh you have been concentrating Who. <impressed> Better than Doctors though? Not a chance. grin

BloodRedAlienReflux Sat 27-Oct-12 09:57:30

Nah, she's told old smarmy that she's terminally ill!! she wants to get in his smarmy pants smile
Only she told him she may only have DAYS to live!! so she better get in there quick!!

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 09:59:42

OOh has she done an Angie off Eastenders Blood or is she really ill?

Oh no Ryan is doing bad crying acting now. And Kev's turned up. Yikes.

I was thinking yesterday how pleasant to have not set eyes on Dev, Sunita and Carl for weeks.

Not sure why Kev had so much stubble.

She's not really ill. She has a track record a mile long for being economical with the truth and she's only been in it a few weeks.

BloodRedAlienReflux Sat 27-Oct-12 10:08:37

H ha!! yes, Angie! Had forgotten about that.
and how come Kev is such a hard man when he's only 5'2?! He's like a demented Northern Jack russel!

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 12:00:51

Well thanks all for bringing me up to speed. I now feel the need to tune it and see what goes on with Barbara/Nigel/Audrey. blush

I switched off before the Emmerdale Omnibus started. Phew.

LineRunner Sat 27-Oct-12 13:41:48

Is Roy's mum really living with Robert Vaughn?

wildfig Sat 27-Oct-12 14:51:58

I've just caught up with it again while staying with my mum for a few days and although I love Corrie, I was jolted out of my usual 'sinking back into it' by:

1. how ORANGE everyone is. David Platt, for instance, is a ridiculous tangerine colour. It was so noticeable that I had to ask if it was a plot line, eg, comedy teenage beauty trainee has dyed everyone with Fake Bake.

2. Why would anyone believe Tracy Barlow when she claimed to be pregnant? Hasn't she done that before? And how come no one ever seems to mention her spell inside - or indeed her mother's, or any number of 'friends' on the cobbles?

3. Is Mary supposed to be a real person? I know Corrie's got a long track record of amusing characters, like Norris and Blanche, but the actress playing Mary seems to be performing in a totally different sort of panto to the rest of the cast.

4. Nigel Havers is in it. Between Nigel Havers, Miss Diane from Crossroads, Barbara Royle/Sheila Grant, and Cindy from Eastenders, there's one too many celebrity 'faces' in it for me at the moment. Which is weird, considering how Kym from Hear'say and Your Man from Boyzone just blended in.

bloodred Yes! Kevin is totally a demented Jack Russell.

LineRunner Sat 27-Oct-12 14:53:40

Mary seems to be performing in a totally different sort of panto to the rest of the cast

Very good obs, wildfig. grin Made me laugh.

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Oct-12 15:05:05

Yes wildfig they are all a funny colour. grin

There appears to be a character that I thought was Wendi Peters but obviously isn't as she isn't in it any more. Who is that???

LineRunner Sat 27-Oct-12 15:07:47

Aren't they similar, Sparkling? I get all gimmer-confused with it.

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