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Emmerdale - corrrrr it's gripping at the moment innit?

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jessiegee Fri 26-Oct-12 11:41:06

And I think the actor who plays Debbie has been brilliant over the last 2 weeks. There are some really great storylines around Carl's murder. I haven't enjoyed it this much since I first started watching it about 2 years ago.

usualsuspect3 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:42:31

I'm enjoying it too. I wonder what will happen to Chaz.

Olbasoil Fri 26-Oct-12 11:56:07

Emmerdale is my favourite soap! If it doesn't win awards this year I will be cross. Cameron is a nasty piece of work but I think I'm in love with Cain ( swooooon)

usualsuspect3 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:58:07

Cain is my crush too, Emmerdale is the only soap I watch. Cameron just skulks about looking all mean and moody .

FatimaLovesBread Fri 26-Oct-12 12:01:53

Cain is gorgeous! As is his real life wife, she's my new female crush.

Emmerdale's the only soap I watch

Olbasoil Fri 26-Oct-12 12:11:19

Ah now I do have a problem with Rhona , she was / is very nasty to Marlon!!

FatimaLovesBread Fri 26-Oct-12 12:23:13

Yeah Rhona is quite nasty to Marlon at the moment. But Zoe who plays her is luffley grin

Cain and Charity seem to be getting on well of recent

mynameis Fri 26-Oct-12 12:30:51

Also loving Emmerdale at the moment.

Cameron and his 'squinty eye' acting makes me laugh, he squints to portray every emotion.

Think the little girl who plays Sarah does a fantastic job and Cain must be the hottest grandad out there surely!

WeAllHaveWings Fri 26-Oct-12 17:13:49

Another one here that's really hooked on the Emmerdale storyline just now.

It's driving me nuts that the police have arrested and charged Chas with murder, but they haven't actually realised that her story is she only hit him once then ran, whereas his head was bashed in with many blows from the brick. She would then realise she didn't kill him.

Or am I taking this too seriously? blush

MissKeithLemon Fri 26-Oct-12 17:16:54

Chas does go to court for it <<taps nose knowingly>>

jessiegee Fri 26-Oct-12 17:23:48

Mynameis I'm glad I'm not the only one who winces at the guy who plays Cameron's 'eye acting'! He sort of opens them a bit too wide and then goes stare-y in a sort of cold, shark-eyed, slightly surprised way. He does it for EVERYTHING doesn't he? To show passion, anger, shock, disappointment. And he does a sort of gulp too when he's shocked! It's very irritating. I know what you mean about Cain. And when he's interviewed he comes across well in RL. I can't believe poor Chas is going to get sent down for this. Surely the law of all soaps can't/won't let her?!

MissKeithLemon Fri 26-Oct-12 17:25:48

I don't know yet the outcome jessie, she may get orf grin

jessiegee Fri 26-Oct-12 17:28:42

I hope so. She CAN'T take the rap MissKeith

Whooooosualsuspect Fri 26-Oct-12 17:30:58

Maybe shes doing panto or summat so needs some time off from Emmerdale?

They often disappear around Christmas for a bit.

jessiegee Fri 26-Oct-12 17:48:24

That's true Whooo. She's remanded on bail till the court case which they could drag out for a fair while - just long enough for her to don her thigh boots and shout 'Oh no it isn't' etc till at least February.

griphook Fri 26-Oct-12 20:01:25

Emmerdale is great the mo, I think it picked up with the Jackson story line and been great since then.

Can't wait for charity to find out about the baby.

Anyone else really not like Katie?

MissKeithLemon Fri 26-Oct-12 20:06:32

Hmm you could be right there actually Usual & Jessie wink I think the court scenes are due to air just after christmas so maybe Chas and her boobies have blagged a panto slot somewhere. She's not leaving Emmers though, that much I do know.

Whooooosualsuspect Fri 26-Oct-12 20:08:21

Katie is a bit whiney

FatimaLovesBread Fri 26-Oct-12 20:46:31

She definately does some visiting in prison scenes <taps nose knowingly> But that could just be when she's on remand

borninnotts Fri 26-Oct-12 20:51:44

gonna miss Carl though ~ he was a fitty :'(

jessiegee Sat 27-Oct-12 11:09:06

Feel ambivalent about Katie. She's not got much of a personality on show. There are going to be 4 new characters soon I read in the paper. A mechanic and his daughter and Bernice and her lover. I hope they're more interesting than Ali and Ruby & co. Though I'm starting to quite warm to them and they're not annoying me as much these days. Anyone else finding them a bit less irkome? Oh gosh if/when Charity finds out about Jai and Rachel - I dread to think what will happen to poor old Jai? You don't mess with the Dingle's!

mynameis Sat 27-Oct-12 11:18:35

I was hoping Bernice would be back to get it on with Ashley and develop her relationship with Gabby. That would hack Laurel right off grin

<not a Laurel fan>

FatimaLovesBread Sat 27-Oct-12 13:57:36

There's also a new fit vet coming but I think he's only in for a few episodes

mynameis Mon 29-Oct-12 19:20:39

Blimey how old are Thomas and Anya supposed to be now?

Olbasoil Mon 29-Oct-12 20:20:48

I'm not sure, I think they were last on about 3 years ago for Carl's wedding to Chas. They have certainly grown up.
I'm trying not to think about Lizzy & Dan .... old enough to be his Granny !

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