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Continuum on Syfy

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NetworkGuy Fri 26-Oct-12 08:47:59

Just in case anyone missed the start, they're showing Episodes 1 to 4 over the weekend. 1+2 on Saturday from 16:00 and then 1+2+3+4 on Sunday from 14:00. So you can choose to watch 2 hours a day or record the lot on Sunday!

Excerpt from Wikipedia description of Continuum

"When a group of rebels convicted as terrorists escape execution by fleeing from the year 2077 to 2012, Kiera Cameron, a future Vancouver law enforcement officer (called Protector), is involuntarily transported with them.

In order to track them down and keep them from changing the past (and presumably future), Kiera joins the Vancouver Police Department and uses the skills of a young tech expert, Alec Sadler, to both track the Liber8 agents' pasts and provide her with the necessary information and contacts to operate in the present despite her lack of official credentials."

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