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American Horror Story... Series 2...

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BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Thu 18-Oct-12 21:02:26

I am about to watch it and can't find a thread, so yay, I get to start one grin

Fingers crossed its good.........

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 15-Dec-12 14:43:15

as others said completly different and not related

though both seasons are fab and well worth watching both if possible

guess eventually they may come to ch 4

MrsMymble Mon 17-Dec-12 19:56:19

Loving this show (although not quite as much as the first season). FrillyMilly yes it is a New England accent. Think Katharine Hepburn! I love that accent I could listen to her talking all day.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Dec-12 03:22:57

Tonight's episode wasn't so good imo sad

Bit of a wasted storyline I thought

PersonalClown Fri 04-Jan-13 11:33:22

Just a reminder for those that watch after the US showing/online, it started again this week.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 04-Jan-13 14:57:59

i saw tuesdays as came automatically back on the planner

what an episode !!

really enjoyed and quite clever

FrillyMilly Sat 05-Jan-13 23:52:11

I enjoyed this weeks. I thought it was going to be off for ages when they said it was taking a break. Hopefully it's going to start gearing up a bit after the lull of the last few episodes. I really want Lana to get out but I'm assuming from the fact that the son was adopted I'm guessing she doesn't.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 07-Jan-13 18:07:34

or maybe she doesnt want to bring up the son of the man who raped her?

FrillyMilly Mon 07-Jan-13 23:06:35

Ah good point Blondes! I hope she gets out.

On another note are you normally on the dexter threads? Because its back next month. Although you probably already know this as it was advertised during AHS grin

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 07-Jan-13 23:51:27

Indeed I am on dexter

Basically anything on fx at 10pm Friday nights does it for me grin

FrillyMilly Tue 08-Jan-13 22:52:17

What a brilliant episode! I think it's back to its best again now although I've never felt the pure fear I had watching the first series.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 14-Jan-13 15:56:16

finally seen last weeks, was fab smile smile smile

cant wait for tomorrow's

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 17-Jan-13 20:07:59

anyone still watching - this weeks was fab -cant believe only think 2 left sad

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 17-Jan-13 20:11:50

i have missed the episode called "coathanger" - did sky show it? our sky should have taped it on series link but either didnt tape this one or sky didnt show it when it went from FX to FOX.....

i thought i was losing my marbles but we definitely missed an episode.....

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 17-Jan-13 20:27:43

yes sky showed it, was no 9

cant find on you tube , but this is a guide to what happened in it if that helps smile

FrillyMilly Fri 18-Jan-13 21:29:25

I'm still watching blondes. I loved that Lana got out. My heart was racing as she walked down those stairs and when she gave the finger to Thredson. Poor sister Jude.

Stila Sat 19-Jan-13 00:31:07

I'm still watching - thought this weeks was really good . Was willing Lana to just do away with Thredson at his home - less talking and get him before he gets you !

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 23-Jan-13 19:21:03

nearly finished sad

what did you think of this weeks -dont want to say anything to give plot away ..............

FrillyMilly Thu 24-Jan-13 17:20:33

I liked some parts. Bit slower than last weeks and obviously trying to tie up some loose ends before the finale next week. I still don't understand the significance of the alien abduction.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 30-Jan-13 00:16:39

Enjoyed last weeks but yes tiring up lose ends - but did enjoy the switching time scenes

Poor old Jude - lost 2.5yrs

Last one was tonight but working so have taped it and hopefully watch to
Or thur

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 01-Feb-13 00:30:25

watched the last one tonight.....all very satisfying! more so than first series.

i like.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 01-Feb-13 10:15:49

me too vicar - was a good ending - tied up loose ends nicely smile

FrillyMilly Fri 01-Feb-13 10:59:15

It still hasn't explained the bloody aliens!! Other than that I did like it. May have shed a few tears when sister Jude died. I wonder what the third season will be about?

vjg13 Fri 01-Feb-13 13:03:24

Thought the ending was excellent, I liked the explanations for everything especially the early scenes when it is son of bloody face who chops off the honeymooners arm.

They did an excellent job of ageing Lana and Jessica Lang was brilliant.

Stila Fri 01-Feb-13 15:20:47

Aliens aside , I thought it was a much better ending than the first series . I loved the tension of the first series but the ending seemed a bit 'meh' compared to how it started .

Frilly I did as well sad

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 01-Feb-13 16:41:16

aliens cant be explained, but they took kit i think to heal him from the cancer

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