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The Armstrongs BBC - A fake and played by actors!

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MeggLeVache Mon 27-Mar-06 15:29:22

Message withdrawn

Feistybird Mon 27-Mar-06 15:30:23

I live in the same City as they - believe me, they and their company exist.

NomDePlume Mon 27-Mar-06 15:31:45

Everyone else I've spoken to thinks this is a hoax, but DH and I saw a thing called 'The Real Office Christmas Party' about 2 years ago and it was about them. BIL & SIL think we're deluded for thinking it is real.

Normsnockers Mon 27-Mar-06 15:32:53

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Mon 27-Mar-06 15:36:24

The Armstrongs Forum !

MeggLeVache Mon 27-Mar-06 15:37:03

Message withdrawn

Feistybird Mon 27-Mar-06 15:38:50

He does a column in the local paper - I tried to find it but could only find more unbelievable stuff

MeggLeVache Mon 27-Mar-06 15:39:38

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Mon 27-Mar-06 15:39:44

"FAME is a funny old business. It can open doors for you. Me and Ann went for a meal recently and Ann got extra mash and I got an egg. I thought 'I like this'."
~ John

Oh the heady heights of fame !

MeggLeVache Mon 27-Mar-06 15:40:51

Message withdrawn

tiredemma Mon 27-Mar-06 15:58:04

how sad on their forum she says that she has suffered a late miscarriage.

cant be a spoof, that would be a bit insensitive.

lucy01 Wed 29-Mar-06 13:22:34

They are real - they have accounts on companies house website going back a few years. how scary is that!

spacedonkey Wed 29-Mar-06 13:35:28

The Armstrongs is pure TV genius. By far the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Hard to believe they are real, but if they're not, it's the greatest hoax ever!

RTKangaMummy Wed 29-Mar-06 13:36:12

They were on BBC Breakfast this morning and are deffo real

katierocket Wed 29-Mar-06 13:37:03

I was convinced this was a hoax too but I guess not. They must be SO thick skinned.

flutterbee Wed 29-Mar-06 13:37:50

This is very very real, I work for the company that supplies them all there materials and they are one of my clients. They are totally like they are on the telly, unless of course they are putting it on to me and the rest of the business as well.

People like this truely do exsist

RedTartanLass Wed 29-Mar-06 14:04:22

Can't believe there is an Armstrongs Forum

Sad about the miscarriage though.

Buxtonstill Sat 28-Jan-17 16:47:30

Does anyone know what happened to the armstrongs? Off work with flu, I have just watched the 8 episodes back to back on YouTube.

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