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does anyone else find spencer sinister?

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qazxc Thu 18-Oct-12 11:07:06

Made in Chelsea.
Not the weird face hair. Or the "boy" and "bro". or the fact that he thinks that he is james bond.
But the controlling "i told you not to talk to her" about his girlfriend(?).
about the fact that he just waltzes back in having been "on a break" snogging other women and announcing to Louise "i got us a room".
Getting quite nasty towards Jamie as well

Bloody hell if that was my boyfriend acting like i was his property, not allowed to have a mind of my own, he'd be dumped.

Is it just me that thinks the man is a psycopath? (signs are egocentric behavior, lack of empathy, treating people as posessions as in their thoughts or feelings are totally unimportant, easily bored......)

calypso2008 Thu 18-Oct-12 14:46:19

I totally agree - I was most perturbed by the 'you can't talk to my gf' bit, also thought the same James Bond/way he talked to the guy in the car psrk was horrible. He also seems suddenly to be very agressive.

Then I consoled myself as I think it is not true, all scripted obviously. But Louise should not be looking as if she is loving this behaviour (or accepting it!)

The hipocrasy WRT Jamie, telling him he shouldn't have invited his friend - I mean really - when he swiped pip squeek Weez from under Jamies nose last season.

I don't like Spencer, not one bit. I think he has in real life, gone right up his own arse and is certainly an egomaniac.

Won't stop me watching though!

DublinMammy Tue 23-Oct-12 09:37:35

He is just utterly vile. This has helped me view him with more humour. Love Jamie and Binky - very cute couple. Wish we were seeing more of Francis - love his little subversive one-liners, e.g. "She's (Weez) probably gone to talk to Andy" last night....

calypso2008 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:01:12

I have decided Francis is my absolute fave, I agree with you Dublinmammy I love his one-liners, he is the cleverest of them all and the most interesting. (I didn't get him at first though!)

qazxc Wed 24-Oct-12 09:54:27

Oh my god! That hairy fucker is going to try and split binky and jamie. Why can't he leave them alone. I think he just hates jamie really.

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