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Merlin, is it repeated anywhere? MIL missed it last night and she only has freeview.

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CuriousMama Sun 14-Oct-12 13:45:20

She doesn't have a PC so can't watch iplayer, and lives too far to just pop over to watch it here.

I don't watch it but she's really annoyed she missed it. Apparently it's a big thing? wink

If it's on BBC3 or 4 she has that? I've tried looking online but can't see anything?

ptangyangkipperbang Sun 14-Oct-12 13:47:08

I think it's repeated on BBC3/4 on a Friday evening.

EdithWeston Sun 14-Oct-12 13:47:52

Fridays, around 7pm on BBC3.

EdithWeston Sun 14-Oct-12 13:56:37

Sorry, although ep1 of Merlin took over the Friday 7.15 BBC3 slot (where the Doctor Who repeat has been for some weeks), they have moved it this week to the 7.15 slot on Thursday.

Infuriating when things are brought forward! I'm really glad you started this thread, as it would not have occurred to me to check, and DD missed it this week.

It seems to be on iPlayer now as well.

EdithWeston Sun 14-Oct-12 13:57:48

Merlin homepage here, so you can check broadcast times should you need to do so in future.

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